2007 Conscious Life Expo

I received an email from a reader named David who attended the 2007 Conscious Life Expo. I learned one major lesson in the 1990's while taping some of the episodes of my TV talk show 'The Metaphysical Experience' at the old Whole Life Expos here in NYC. Vendors, healers, etc. are often all about money, issues, and ego. Many are also there for sex and most having a partner at home. And yet these people think of themselves as spiritual - you know, the helper healer wounded soul people who still live in drama and can't be without it. These are the people with issues who think they are healed, create a system which is recycled information, a book and generally a CD,and think they are gurus. Trying to make a living this way doesn't work! Speaking to them, and listening to conversations behind the scenes, really brings my point home. I realize they have overhead to cover and hope to make a profit. There are many sincere people as well as duality exists in everything. But you'll never find me at these events, because of the energies. Every person I know who was part of the expos and such in the old days (1980's and 90's), says it's all gone commercial. Why ... because everyone wants to earn a living in metaphysics though most also need a day job or another source of income. I still get invitations to rent a booth at the last remaining annual expo in NYC, but have never done that nor intend to.

From David, a school teacher ...

The pet lady psychic must have one of those metaphysical PhD certificates anyone can get on the internet. Hell ... I got mine from the Rev. Maria in Long Island when I used to work the psychic fairs with John Edward. Cost me $25 and I did nothing. For another $5.00, I got a parking sticker to put in my car window, "Minister On Call", which was worth the money. Did I ever tell you I was a reverend? Yup! She made me a Jewish Reverend!

When people put a lot of initials, representing degrees, after their names, they are usually lost in ego and probably never got past high school. I know there are schools where people study for years to get such a degree, but for most it's just a statement ... "I am smart!" I got my metaphysical PhD because everyone else got one, along with their Reiki certificates ... now you figure out the patterns. Chokurei Baby!