February 8, 2004

My name is Ellie Crystal. I was born and raised in the city, flowing with the pulse of the city, which includes the attack of the Twin Towers on 9/11 that I witnessed by my terrace, and much more as a child, parent, teacher, psychic, performer, lecturer, and more.

Many movies and TV shows have been set in the city through the decades. History has been made and I have been here through much of it. My soul is further linked to the Catskill mountains, just north of the city. My book Sarah and Alexander, The Alchemy of Time is linked to the city, its founding fathers, and the path of a bloodline to its shores.

Sunday evening I watched one of the three remaining episodes of this HBO award winning series, Sex And The City.

There is something about Carrie Bradshaw, [Sarah Jessica Parker], that has connected with me for years.

Perhaps it is her love affair with the City, New York City. Maybe its because her character is a writer and looks out her window much of the time, to gain inspiration for her columns. Maybe it's because I met Sarah Jessica Parker in the Raleigh Hotel in the Catskill Mountains, years ago, when she was performing in the Broadway Show, 'Annie', and I sensed greatness for her. Somewhere I have a picture of her with my daughters.... She always had 'great hair', though it was red at that time. She is not much older than my children and was a very warm and loving girl. Maybe it's her 'take' on life, her personality that often reminds me of me, except for the clothes! One thing's for sure.... her soul connection with New York City is a passion we share!

One can't top the dynamic of Carrie and her 3 friends who meet most days for lunch or whatever and talk about men, love, romance, and the trials and tribulations woman face in this day and age, especially in the Big Apple. They are like a sisterhood, which is big storyline these days. The women speak in a language familiar to New Yorkers, 4 letter words included, all subjects are open for discussion. They are my kind of friends, successful, educated, high achievers, and have money and money issues.

Their weekly discussions are real down-to-earth stuff, the way women talk, in and out of the city ...Maybe not quite the Red Hat Society, but you never know what those saucy old ladies discuss when they get together. Women love to talk about their relationships, their lives, and all of the countless things women everywhere face with men. All topics and possibilities have been covered on and off the show.

My recent conversations with friends has also changed in reference to how we view life as a game, and the characters in it. I only can hang out with 'up' people... Is that a 'Z' joke?... Got to love a man who's always up!

Included in the dynamic of the 4 women are several gay male friends, two of whom are a couple, great sex talk here!

Another reason I've been drawn to the series was because I've read some of the people who have been on the show. Great group of people, very talented.

All if the characters on the show have had sex and found love in the city ...but now life is changing for some of them, the kind of major changes that tugs at your soul, for it changes the dynamic of the group and what was always safe, almost like ending a marriage, you know it has to move on and yet you can't let easily go.

Take Miranda, the lawyer, for example... she and Steve , the father of her baby, fell back in love, moved in together, got married, then left their crowded apartment in the city for.... oh no.....not .....Brooklyn .... gulp, Park Slope to be exact, not far from Manhattan, just over a different bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, very trendy and upscale area, old brownstones and lime stones, houses in good condition costing around $ one million, they had to buy a 'fixer-upper'.

In a current storylines, all 4 women have found love and lovers. Two couples have married.

We come to the other married couple.... rich waspy Charlotte who married her short, bald, but great-in-bed Jewish divorce lawyer, Harry and are presently faced with her inability to conceive a baby. There's lots of sex in the city, but fertility problems are becoming more common.

This ripples to the story line on the TV series Friends, also airing its last episodes ....where a New York couple, Monica and Chandler, are unable to have a child and are adopting. But that's another New York City story.....

You can't help but love the character Samantha whose sexcapades could fill a novel, not to mention her approach to men and life. She is the oldest of the 4 friends, in her mid-forties and so hot! Samantha's current lover is Smith who is in his 20's. Though it appeared at first that all he wanted with Sam was sex and to use her for fame and stardom, yet with that, he stayed with her through her current bought with breast cancer and apparently loves her. Not all young sexy men in their 20's are shallow .... And in the city, sex with an older woman is becoming a very rewarding experience. (grin)

Back to Carrie....as the dynamic of the group is about to change. Carrie has New York in her blood. She has been dating a rich and famous older man, Aleksandr Petrovsky, played by Mikhail Baryshnikov, who is moving back to Europe, Paris, and has asked her to move in with him. Sunday night she agreed, and left many of us with an unsteady feeling. It was only Miranda who expressed her concern and disapproval. Carrie would keep her NY apartment but would give up her career and life to live in his. Not sure this storyline will play out with her leaving. Carrie had many major loves in past years, the most memorable being a man they she was with before I watched the show. They call him Big...though I have to wonder why!

As for me...Would I run off to Paris forsaking all else? ...No way...at least not without living in Paris first and seeing what that experience was all about. I tell my clients to live together before marriage, for a compatibility / reality check. Many people come for readings and tell me they first learned about their spouse after they married, and would never had married had they lived together before. This usually goes to the partner's mental competency.

Ellie and the City ... I am a New Yorker in my soul and always will be. The universe has always kept me here, the purpose showing itself when I moved to my current apartment facing the Verrazano Bridge. Crystalinks reflects the endless pages I have written about my experiences here with family, friends, and especially my spirit guide, or twin flame, Z, aka. Zoroaster and Thoth The Ancient Egyptian Scribe who wrote the story of adventure here.

Ellie and the Verrazano Bridge

Z hasn't been around much lately.

He's Somewhere Out There...
but that's a different story...
As we turn another page

On our journey about love this week..... Valentine Week 2004