8th Notes and Headphones

Monday, the musical image above seemed to follow me all day - from something that went by in a TV commercial to something online, to something I drove past on a billboard as I went about my day. I certainly was attracting the image for a reason, and it made me laugh. Often I try to figure out why I keep seeing something, but not on this day. I wanted to 'play' along and see where it lead me.

In the evening, I closed my eyes and watched, with the seemingly innocence of a child, as the image reappeared, becoming headphones that I was to put on ... and so I envisioned this. Somewhere in space-time, or time-space, I could see myself lying down, relaxed and listening to music in much the same way. But as I listened to the tones, I could use them to create holograms of sound, light and color. It all seemed so natural, as if I did it all the time, no sci fi feeling ... just something I did as one who has a job.

Then came a powerful feeling or remembrance ... someone would soon call my name and I would wake up not only from that job, but from this reality ... It swept over me in waves and I knew it to be true. My mind went back to an exercise I blogged about years ago, where you close your eyes, then someone calls your name and repeats it 3 times in a soft voice, " - - - - Wake up." Remember?

By 8:00 I decided to watch TV, assuming there was nothing on at that time, until .... I discovered 3 shows that were awesome. There was "The Sing-off", the Country Music Awards" and the "Soul Train Awards". What to do as Castle and Hawaii Five-0 would come on at 10:00? The solution - record them all and watch as time permitted. I have 3 large screen LCD TV's and 3 cable boxes that record.

Did I forget the Jet-Patriot game? Maybe that's best left forgotten.

My personal favorite was the Soul Train Awards. There was Don Cornelius after all these years ... not to mention great talent both old and new. Was Soul Train part of your life growing up? It was a Saturday morning highlight for me, especially when my best friend Louise, a black woman and fellow school teacher, would come over and we would sing and dance with my 3 young daughters. My family was always into all things musical. There is nothing without music. I also believe that with love and soul connection, comes similar interests in music - you just beat to the same drummer.

On a commercial break from the Soul Train Awards, I flipped the dial to the CMA in Vegas, and watched Alan Jackson perform for thousands of people. I can't wait to watch the rest of the show as I grew up with a father who loved country and western music, took me to see the performers when they were in town, and has been a favorite since childhood. I want to go to Nashville one day. My mom was into Broadway, so we never missed a musical and I learned all the words of all the songs.

With all of the opera singers I have read in the past 3 decades, I have learned to appreciate good opera. I guess I could say I love it all ... though 50's Oldies remain my favorite, Doo op stuff!