Friday, December 8th, Day 4

The Giza Plateau

By Friday it was time to pay our first visit to the Great Pyramid, the two surrounding pyramids, the boat, and the Sphinx, on the Giza plateau. Oddly I overslept so I told Irene and Fergany to go to the Pyramids of Chepren and Menkaure without me. Nothing about those two pyramids called to me. Irene on the other hand saw a blaze of white light at the Chepren Pyramid and totally connected. I took a taxi to meet up with my friends, exploring the energies on my own first.

Sitting on a Camel

Donkey Cart Ride

Great Pyramid Casing Stones

Tour Guide waving at us

Inside The Great Pyramid

The Entrance

Ascending Passage

Irene took two pics of me climbing up to the Kings Chamber

After hearing stories about how difficult it is to navigate the stairs, I found it quite easy though you have to wonder why another of foot stone has not been carefully chiseled away from the ceiling for those who might have trouble waking. You should climb at a pace that is comfortable for your body. In two areas you bend over to walk through, as the ceilings are low. These are short distances and you can take your time. The main stairs are long but you can stand upright. All walk-ways have fluorescent lighting though some people use flashlights. As ventilation is poor it is best to dress lightly.

Subterranean Chamber

The Famous King's Chamber

This would be one of two times Irene and I, along with our guide, Fergany, would be alone in Great Pyramid. In the course of the hour allotted to us - we walked around and investigated everything physically and energetically. This along with other power points on the planet generally don't resonate for me due to human contamination especially as physical time ceases to exist and the human experiment ends.

Standing in the stone sarcophagus was fun but offered no real connection above. We experienced no missing time nor other paranormal activity. The only non-physical entities I sensed were Z and the Watchers. I know that people have had all kinds of metaphysical experiences there but on this day we were just there to explore.

I remembered feeling stronger energies in my room at the Giza Hotel while sitting on my balcony overlooking the pyramid in the Egyptian Energy Grid. My answers are outside of a building or enclosure or should I saw physical reality. Others may enjoy artifacts, hieroglyphs, and other things one quests for, but after have an aliens experience at age 11, I am not impressed nor connected.

Without a doubt I feel a connection to ancient Egypt - in the sense of its pantheon of gods, creation myths, and other things not of this realm vs. the games humans play out in physical reality the realms of emotion. It is the same affinity I have for the Anunnaki and the Sumerian subroutine in the simulation of this reality.

As to all the theories of a hall of records, akashic records - those things referring to the consciousness grids that create the simulation of our reality - the truth will one day be known as the human biogenetic experiment in which we experience ends.

Irene had a different experience - her psychic abilities enhanced along with lucid dreams which is the norm for most people. Fergany told us of once seeing an Egyptian God appear physically while spending a night in the King's Chamber. One must never forget that anything is possible and happens for a reason for that person.

Each step on our journeys is one step close toward finding the truth about reality and why we are here. That answer will be realized by all souls at the end of the story or simulation.

Time was up! We left the Great Pyramid feeling energized and walked to the Sphinx.

Great Pyramid on Crystalinks

Another Temple

Visiting the Sphinx

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