Sunday December 10, 4:30 PM, Day 6

Ellie and Ez

The man on the other end of the phone sounded Egyptian. As I was asleep I thought it was Fergany confirming our reservations on the 8 PM flight back to Cairo. As we had made our travel plans at the last minute, there was the possibility that we couldn't get on that flight and would have to wait until the last flight out at 10:30 PM. I wasn't sure how I would last that long but I knew Z would arrange things for 8 PM.

I also sensed that I had something else to do in Luxor before I left. Connecting my energies from the air, to the timelines and the grids, was the main reason I had to go to Luxor, but something else was nudging at me, and it linked to Ez.

The man on the phone said, "This is not Fergany. This is Ez. I have come here to speak with you."

This is not the type of man I would chose as a friend as he seemed to order people around vs. asking them.

I agreed to meet Ez in the hotel lobby.

I put on my sneakers and a fleecy jacket as my body temperature tends to drop when I am tired or sleeping. I took my fanny pack, the black bag you carry around your waist, and checked for the key and the pocket watch. I was exhausted but I knew that I had to meet Ez as this felt important.

I found my way to the main lobby and looked for EZ. Not seeing him, I walked in the direction of his frequency signature to see if I was on target. Sure enough, he had walked away to speak to the manager of the hotel, who was his friend.

EZ and I sat on the couch in the main lobby and stared at each other. Now you must remember that this is a middle eastern man with money and power who likes to be in control and his never at a loss for words, yet I could easily see he was tongue-tied. Part of me wanted to laugh, but I kept it to myself. This is a very coarse vibration, and though he came across as spiritual, this is more about religious training and belief system than understanding the spiritual nature of creation and the universe. Something brought him here on this day, after waiting for me for many months, and he was as curious as I was.

Irene passed by. I called her over to join us. She sat in a comfortable chair across from us as we all talked.

Later Irene told me that she had met Ez the day before and he was laughing and making silly jokes. Now what she saw before her was a different man, one with intense concentration, and almost confusion.

Ez wasn't sure what to say to me, but he felt the connection.

He mentioned that he hadn't slept since we met and that he couldn't get me off his mind. Whatever was going on was hitting him very hard.

His dilemma was that he wasn't sure what we were there for, yet we had both felt this connection for weeks.

Z had told me that I was to meet another man in Egypt. I would know this man because he would look at me and say, "I have been waiting for you!" That is what happened with EZ. This man would know that we have something to do together and that we had to meet. Everything else would be irrelevant.

When Ez and I talked I noticed that he had the ability to tune in to spirit as I could see him processing. Ez said that Spirit had guided him to the hotel. He had not been aware that I had inquired about him at his place of work an hour before.

I wanted very much to tell him about my work, but when I attempted to explain, he didn't understand, and stared at me blankly trying to fit it into his belief systems.

He wanted to be in control and tell me what I was to do with him, but he couldn't find the words. I suppose that was because there were no words.

I relaxed and allowed Spirit to call the shots.

I told Ez about Z and as my name is Ellie, together we were E & Z, EZ, as in his name.

He didn't get it as he sat there staring at me blankly.

He told me that Ellie is El and is like Allah.

Did he connect me with a God? Hey! Whatever worked for him was all I could think.

To make a physical connection with me, EZ started to tell me about his personal life hoping to impress me. Men!

He said, "I have two wives!"

I smiled and said, "I have No husband, Perhaps I am happier than you!"

Irene and EZ laughed.

Z whispered, "Would you like to be part of his harem?"

Could you just imagine me in one of those outfits 'kissing up' to a man?

He told me that he would like me to return to Luxor one day and stay with him and his wives in his home that he referred to as a Palace.

I replied, "Thank you for the invitation but what would be the purpose? Would you like one of your wives to try to figure out our connection?"

Alas he was further confused and backed off.

I could see that somewhere in his mind, third dimensional paradigms were not important to me, and not holding this conversation together.

I told him that what we had to do together was not about these matters.

Ez is a good psychic as those close to him had told me during the day. Irene had said that he had given her very good information in a reading about her family. They had a good experience together when I was not there he clearly wanted to be alone with me, to make sense of things, but alas that wasn't happening.

Ez turned to me and did that thing we do as psychics where we look off to one side to 'see' and 'hear' spirit.

He returned his focus to mine and said, "I see green all around you ... and a huge white light! There is a very strong power with you." Alas I knew he was channeling Z.

I took out the blue and gold pocketwatch and handed it to Ez!

He held it in his right hand. Intuitively I placed my left hand over his with the pocketwatch between our hands.

I closed my eyes, as did he.

The first thing I saw was a swastika. My heart sank! Not this s--t again! The swastika was over EZ. Oh my God! This was about Germany, and the time correction connection.

I was thrust back to the Germany timeline and that eventful night in the lab when all hell broke loose. I saw a calendar. It read July 3, 1943.

I got an instant replay of the night in the lab when the Gestapo found us. There were several German scientists working on time travel experiments. We had just found success with our experiments. We were working against time as we knew there was a traitor in our midst. It would just a matter of time before we would be discovered, and our work, part of which Hitler sought, would fall into the hands of the Nazis.

I looked up at the face of the Nazi leader storming the lab. Oh my God! It was EZ! I could see his face clearly. It was the face of the German man I thought I would meet on this trip, but not in this body.

I could hear the screams of the scientists and see everything that went on in the lab that night. I heard shots and saw people running. Then came several explosions as I ran from the lab with briefcase and papers in hand. My friend Deja was with me. We blew the lab so the Nazis wouldn't get our work. We ran through underground tunnels to a waiting vehicle. We drove to some body of water and eventually wound up on a small ship with people fleeing the Nazis.

This information has been part of the consciousness of many people who I met in this lifetime, among them is a man named Alex, who researches aliens and UFOs. The first meeting I had with Alex, in May 1998, he looked at me and said, "We worked together in the labs in Germany with electromagnetic energies and time travel. There we developed a material/gel that could allow us to move through time and space. It had properties not found in in physical reality. It could also work as a communication device. A woman you know worked with us."

It's interesting how things come full circle when they are meant to.

The explosions in the lab caused fractures in the space/time infrastructure. This created parallel realities and time loops.

Now I understood who EZ was and why we had to work together. This meeting with EZ had to do with correcting these problems and bringing things back into synchronicity so they could play out as they were originally meant to.

(What I found out later is that one of Ez's wives is a German woman. He is attracted to German women. Talk about synchronicities).

As we sat together holding the pocketwatch between us I saw the sands of time to come a halt. Gears of a watch game to a grinding halt. There was a long pause. Suddenly they began to move forward again. I saw energy patterns that I cannot describe as I didn't understand what I was seeing.

When the energies stopped, I looked up and felt a peacefulness. I was not sure if physical time had stopped for us while we were working. I opened my eyes and looked at the pocketwatch. Time seemed to be correct, as was the date on the watch. The only thing that was broken was the ring at the top of the watch, which happened when I flew to Luxor.

Something had shifted. I could feel it. Could I ever prove any of this physically? Not as far as I could see. Did I tell him what I saw? No. I was too tired and he wouldn't understand.

Ez and I stared at each other. He handed me the pocketwatch and said nothing.

We intuitively faced each other again and closed our eyes, our hands receiving and sending energy. I watched as 12 spiraling grids came into alignment. 12 Around 1

I few minutes later I opened my eyes as the energies dissipated. Ez opened his eyes at the same time, as if he knew intuitively that we had started something that we needed to complete. He was puzzled and asked me if I would come home to have 'breakfast' with him and his family so we could sort it out.

I thanked him, realizing he was a catalyst for what I had come to do. I told him I needed to sleep. We agreed to meet at 6 PM in the hotel lobby.

6 PM ... Irene and I checked out of the hotel.

Ez arrived in a van, exactly on time, with his driver and Leslie.

As he escorted us to the car, he told Irene that she was to sit in the rear seat, Leslie to sit in the front seat with the driver, then he asked me to sit alone with him in the middle seat.

As the van pulled away he took my hand and intertwined it in his. He looked deeply into my eyes.

What I saw was Z's energies within EZ. His eyes seemed to twinkle in the moonlight. We were hours away from a full moon.

I was too tired to think, so I just allowed things to evolve.

He whispered, "Part of your soul is here in Luxor! I have always known you. Do you recognize me?"

I looked deeply in his eyes, the full moon reflecting the light within. I saw Z! My heart chakra responded in recognition. I looked over at him and smiled, saying nothing, just smiling in recognition. Our connection was beyond the physical and guided by destiny.

As we drove past the Luxor Temple

I could feel the energies building.

Ez said something to his driver in Egyptian, who made a U-turn and pulled up in front of the temple.

Ez looked over at me again. I took out the sensor disc and told him that my work was in part linked to the disc and to the Great Pyramid. He took the disc, as if he now knew what he was doing, and held it in his right hand. He quickly seemed to discover how he was to hold it. He placed his left hand in my right hand as we intertwined our fingers.

He took one long look over at me, closed his eyes and began to chant in a language unfamiliar to me, perhaps Arabic. The tones were very powerful and seemed to resonant through the entire temple.

I closed my eyes and saw intense light flashing before me.

I though of Sekhmet and the statue of her I had connected with early that day.

I saw many symbols, some of which looked liked keys. I saw a simple jeweled crown, Leo, Lion, Z. I saw Ez's face turn into that of Sekhmet. My mind connected with those we call 'The Watchers', the souls I always see watching over this program from outside the box.

Ez stopped chanting and I opened my eyes.

We were all in an altered space.

I looked at Leslie and told her that she was linked to Pegasus, though I wasn't sure why I had said that.

She whispered, "I ride horses and have my own horse. I was a champion rider in England."

I looked at Irene. She seemed to have a white glow around her. She had placed her hands above her head forming a circle.

This was all about the bloodline ....

I looked at the pocketwatch. It was almost 7 PM and we had to hurry to the airport.

We were all disoriented. The van driver, driving in the wrong direction. Ez had to correct him.

We arrived at the airport to discover than the confirmation of the 8 PM flight was somewhere in the computer, but they refused to search for it or place us on the flight. Ez spoke to a few people he knew and at 7:59 we got our tickets.

We gave Leslie and EZ a final farewell. Somehow I felt complete with him.

Back to Giza and the comfort of my room and pillow. The Mena House has great pillows.

Z zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

At the moment of true consciousness, time surrenders to reality.

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