Sunday December 10th, Day 6

Luxor, Hot Air Balloon

Somewhere about 10 PM on Friday evening I started feeling nauseous.

I had gone to bed by 9 PM as I was due to take a flight to Luxor with Irene at 6 AM Saturday morning, and had a 4 AM wake-up call.

Back in Irene's room the energies were so high, she was unable to fall asleep. She sensed something was wrong with me and called my room.

To make a long story short we had to call the doctor who came and gave me a shot which put me out of my misery.

I had been a good girl, eating only hotel food and drinking bottled water ... but alas .. I had caught 'the bug'!

I told Irene to go to Luxor and I would join her on Sunday, very early, if I felt strong enough. Nothing about seeing Abydos and Dendera seemed part of my soul's journey, but something in Luxor called out to me! Egypt has that effect on your soul. It knows where it has to go to take care of its soul purpose.

Irene and I were to have spent Saturday on the west bank, Abydos and Dendera, the Sunday at 5 AM beginning a journey on with hot air balloon and a tour of the East Bank.

As I relaxed in bed, drifting into a deep sleep, all I could think about was the fact that I must go on this balloon tour! But why? What was so important? How could I manage it now? My two goals on the journey were the hot air balloon and the great pyramid working to align the 12 Earth grid plates and time correction from the Germany Time Travel experiments. Others had told me about balancing female and male energies, but this seemed like a result of the correction I had to make.

The trip so far had brought synchronicities with many Germans, but nothing specific. I was looking to a link between the Nazi German Grid and Time Travel experiments in the underground labs which created this loop in time.

And so I drifted off to sleep to that place one goes when one is not in this conscious reality. Perhaps I just needed 18 hours of sleep for what lay ahead on my journey.

Irene had gone on ahead to Luxor with not much more than three hours sleep. The energies get so high here, you lose track of that which your body requires in its normal routines. Perhaps that too is part of the processing.

I awoke at 8 PM to the sound of the phone ringing. It was Fergany inquiring about my health and wanting to know if I think I could make the last flight to Luxor which left at midnight. He knew how much this trip meant to me.

As I came back into consciousness I realized that the worse had passed and though I looked ready to be mummified, my soul needed to get to Luxor.

I agreed to take the flight. At 10 PM Asher came to pick me up from the Mena House. I remembered to pack the pocket watch, the sensor disc, and a few small items as I would be returning at 10 PM Sunday evening.

At the airport I nibbled on some salt free potato chips and sparkling water as Ashir sat with me and taught me a few Egyptian sayings.

I was not going to let this illness get me down. I was returning to myself.

The plane was announced as being 30 minutes late. Asher went to see what the problem was. Apparently my flight had to wait for a flight coming in, with 30 Germans. Germans .. why does it always have to be Germans!!

Alas we took off into a rainy night. A sudden unexpected thunderstorm had occurred which I would later find out would cause a power outage in the Great Pyramid causing it to close on Sunday and Monday. My work alone there would be on Tuesday, December 12th.

The flight from Cairo to Luxor is just one hour. If you close your eyes you are there in no time. They actually served cake and coffee which I didn't eat. My stomach was fine, and my energies returning.

We landed about 2 AM. I entered the terminal and looked for someone carrying a card with my name on it. No one! Just people coming to meet the Germans!

I knew Irene was staying at the Luxor Hilton so I thought to take a cab there. Z told me to walk to the front door where my ride would be waiting.

As I got to the front door of the terminal a man with a sign came running up to me. He spoke broken English and asked me if I was Ellie Crystal. I looked up in the doorway and my soul leaped as the man he was with stood at the door waving to me.

He was a tall dark skinned Egyptian man with a very powerful presence.

We walked out to join him as the man took my bag. The night air was cold, hail stones falling, as this man flung his shawl over his head then took another shawl and placed it around me.

His energies reaped of Z having fun and being in the man's body.

I went to look at the blue pocketwatch that Z had guided me to. Z had told me that when time slows down the watch would break. When I reached into my purse, the ring that attaches the body of the watch to, the chain had broken off. The watch was working so I was pleased. I knew that Time was beginning to shift for me.

The man who met me held the car door for me. After we got in the car he introduced himself as Mohamed- Ez El Din, the owner if the hot air balloon company. They call him Ez, as in Ellie and Z.

At the Hilton, Ez walked me to the hotel desk to be sure I was properly checked in. Actually I was staying in Irene's room, if only to sleep for two hours and have a place to put my things.

As he walked away Ez turned to me and said, "I have been waiting for you for weeks. You have a strong Spirit. Fergany didn't tell me who was coming to Luxor but when he said that two women were coming I knew you would be one of them. When I met your friend, Irene, yesterday (Saturday) I knew she wasn't the woman. I knew you would come. When I saw you at the airport I knew you instantly! We will talk tomorrow! Get some rest!"

I quietly entered Irene's room trying not to wake her. It was almost 3 AM. All I could think was, Soething special is going to happen in Luxor. The man I knew would come up to me and say, "I have been waiting for you," had arrived and I feet his connection to me and Z.

I slept for two more hours then came the wake-up call! It was time to get ready for the hot air balloon part of my journey. EZ was in my thoughts!

5 AM: A white van came to pick us up. There were two other people from the Hilton, also taking the flight. We drove somewhere along the east bank of the Nile River where we were met by 12 other people all taking the balloon flight.

We went across the Nile in a ferry boat. Hot drinks were served. It was still dark and the weather is cold in Egypt when there is no sun.

The other tourists were wonderful. They were mostly from England. We were the only Americans.

Sailing down the Nile at that time of the early morning is breathtaking.

The ferry took us to the west bank where we were met by three white vans. We were driven to a field nearby.

Irene and I were greeted by two people who work for Ez, Leslie and Hassan. Hassan tells you the history of the places you are visiting while on tour. Leslie is his assistant. They had been Irene's guide on Saturday for her west bank tour.

Leslie is 24, originally from England, having married an Egyptian, and now living one year in Luxor. She loves it there. We bonded immediately.

Hassan was also 24 and bonded more closely with Irene as we stood on the field and watched the preparations for the hot air balloon.

The sun was about to rise over the Nile River.

The Captain of the flight, an English man, had replaced Ez. I inquired about Ez's whereabouts but Leslie said we would find him later in the day.

The Captain, a man from England, sent several normal sized balloons up into the air to check the winds. If it is too windy you can't go up. The balloon itself lay flat on the field. Men ran around shouting all kinds of things as they prepare to fill it with hot air. The energies were electric and magical.

Once it was determined that it was not windy, the balloon was filled with hot air.

It took about 10 minutes to get the balloon up and ready.

During this time the sun was rising.

There are three different size baskets for the tourists to sit in depending on how many people show up on a given day. The company is busy as lots of tourists enjoy the flights. That day we sat in the largest basket with 12 passengers and the Captain who stands in the middle and send blasts of fire to the balloon throughout the trip. This allows the balloon to go up or down, or to change directions.

There was never any feeling of danger as the balloon lifted slowly, flew very slowly, and descended slowly.

As soon as the balloon was full of hot air, we got into the basket in a specific order as guided by the men who secured it down and help guide it as it filled with air.

I'm on the far left. Irene is next to me.

The captain stands in the middle.

And so we sailed into the air

as the sun rose over the Nile River.

Here we are flying over the west bank,

the Temple of Hatshepsut.

The view from the air was magnificent.

Again I felt that I had needed to take this hot air balloon flight to connect my energies on another level.

As the balloon flew over the Nile, there was a feeling of nostalgia. The balloon moved very slowly, yet the feeling within me was to fly out of the basket and soar with wings over the land. I felt confined.

I felt my soul connect with the energies of the land and the water. I could fly back to Cairo with wings of my own.

I knew I was correct in my feeling about the balloon flight linking me on many levels. Z had shown me that the natural way to experience any place I have traveled, is in the air. I always go up in some sort of small aircraft when traveling, to experience things from above.

I was at a place of creation. The water, the land, the electromagnetic energies, all told me so.

The Nile had a feeling of creation about it. It was definitely a feminine vortex.

When I returned home to Brooklyn, and showed these pictures to my friend Deja, she said that Luxor is an epi-point on the time grid, which is interwoven in Genesis. This is where our current program began, the epi-point of creation on the space-time grid.

Back in the Germany lifetime, during WW II, our work and travels had taken us to this place. As I flew over the land, those timelines seemed to fold-in for me, as if I was in two realities at once.

The city below us was just waking up as we flew over.

I could hear dogs barking and children playing.

The houses were all of the same stucco, mud brick type. Most were 3 or 4 stories high.

On the roof tops we noticed much debris.

I only saw a few cars on the roads or parked on the streets.

Irene used binoculars for a better look.

In truth the areas we flew over look very poor.

The temples were beautiful and the Nile, majestic.

The sun rises in the east but sets in the westm both banks speak of different timelines.

The east bank of Egypt primarily appears to be for the living, having grimy cities and factories, for buying and selling things, for all the practical and temporary accouterments of the world.

Not much is built to last on the east bank. Most of the dwellings are simple brick buildings that always seem to be in some phase of construction or destruction.

To find the spiritual component, we floated across the Nile to the west bank. It is the spiritual realm awaiting us, the place where even the sun goes when it dies to the world, a place that links to the ancient mysteries of Egypt.

The west bank contains tombs, pyramids, monuments, and things built to last forever, encoded into the geometry and mythology of the land. It is the eternal realm, the dwelling place of the gods, drawing people to it each year, as if by instinct.

In ancient times, no one was allowed to live or farm on the west bank. It was reserved for the gods.

As we flew over a field on the east bank, I asked Irene why I see us landing in that field.

She insisted that the balloon didn't make any stops on its one-hour journey.

So why did I still us landing on that field?

Some time later we were to return to the ground and our original departure point.

But alas a gusty wind suddenly came up and sent us soaring back to the east bank.

I found it all amusing.

The men on the ground, who secure the balloon once it lands, jumped in their white vans and gave hasty pursuit.

Lo and behold we were sailing over the field I saw us landing in!

At first it appeared we would land in the soft grass, but then the wind blew up again!

Are you have fun? I inquired of the Spirits with us.

Laughter from above!

The men couldn't run across the field to follow us as they were blocked by a stream or irrigation system of some kind.

I watched them jump back in their vans, yelling and shouting as we drew closer to the ground.

Below us was a vegetable patch and a large area of fertilizer.

I knew just where we would wind up in deep s--t!

As we lowered to the ground the men ran to the balloon to secure it.

The captain said that if they didn't reach us in time, the basket would tip to one side, the side I was sitting on. Oh dear!

You stand up while flying, but when you land, you sit on benches and hold onto ropes.

Through the wicker in the basket I could see the men running.

Would my head wind up in fertilizer?

I knew Z wouldn't allow that, so of course the men got there in time to pull the balloon down properly.

They pulled the basket along the fertilizer until we got to the dirt road.

Along came the farmer riding his donkey. He brought the cops with him! We had police with rifles greeting us.

We carefully debarked from the basket as the captain explained that we weren't terrorists.

In the meanwhile the owner of the farm took a fancy to me.

He offered me a ride on his donkey! He kept giving me 'the eye' and smiling a toothless smile!

I politely refused. It was all I could do to control my laughter!

The farmer's son came down the road with some sheep or some sort of animals.

I am too much of a city girl to know. One of the British woman told me that animal was an usual breed of sheep! Hey! It worked for me!

He was very friendly, as his father kept insisting I ride this old bareback donkey.

I ran out of film or I would have photos of it all.

Once things were cleared up, and the balloon secured, we all danced on the road.

We were given papyrus diplomas from the hot air balloon company, then went off in our white vans to our next adventure ...

We go back to things we have done in the past,
to see where we must go in the future.

Luxor Temple

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