The Economy June 2010 - Fear and Denial

Brooklyn, New York

When you live in an apartment building where most of the people work in corporate America, the main topic of conversation is generally about the swings in the economy at this time .... just how low will the stock market will go? One neighbor told me he sees it going below 6,000.

I'm sure by now you are paying attention and realize that published reports and the rise in the market last month indicate nothing about real world economics.

All of this sets the stage for people to pay attention, then evaluate, as well as trust their intuition as to what is real and what the government wants people to believe. We no longer trust. We quest for truth in many venues, then create our reality based on what is happening.

There are too many disasters - natural and manmade - and as I blogged in the past - the government will not have the resources to cope.

Two major emotions are surfacing ... fear and denial ... and rightly so. Denial often links with ego and the ability to say the good old days are over and the future is uncertain. With this, people are continuing on as if this will all go away and their businesses/jobs will return as once they were with some changes and a positive outcome. They psych (project) on their own destiny and see things turning around in time if they can just hold on. Be careful with that kind of fantasy thinking.

In 2010, as the program closes, this is not realistic. As things come full cycle, we could easily go back to the old ways of survival. Be prepared financially and emotionally, for nothing changes as quickly as one's emotions and reality in end times.

If you still can't wrap your consciousness around the fact that these are end times, something will happen your life and you will 'get it'.

Fear and anxiety have always been part of the equation so finding ways to cope should be investigated. DO NOT overload your physical body now as it is coping with more than you realize down here and can easily burn out before you realize you have stress related issues. You will have physical warnings that must not be overlooked. Simple is best.

Last week I met a neighbor in her 40's, who lived a hectic stressful life. I asked her how things were going. "Quiet and calm," she replied, "Just the way I like it." She owns a business and has had to change the way she runs it, but has found change is much better even if the money is less. Change can work.

Plan ahead. Be present and prepared, because anything anywhere can happen and most likely will.