May 24-25, 2013 - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 4° Sagittarius

There's nothing like an eclipse in a fire sign to shake things up.

Eclipse: Lunar, Solar, Bailey's Beads, Ancient Civilizations, Astrology

May 24-26, 2013

Wesak - birth, enlightenment, and passing of Gautama Buddha. People gather around the world to pray, heal and find answers. This year the energies are more powerful do to the eclipse. In the US, the Wesak Festival returned to Mt. Shasta - a 14,179-foot (4,322 m) stratovolcano with an interesting spiritual history. The emphasis at Wesak is on reality changes in 2013. This is indeed a synthetic construct filled with glitches and yet we can still find beauty and messages ... in "clouds".

Lenticular Clouds over Mt. Shasta -- More Images From Google

Eclipsing Realities

Thursday, several friends asked me about the powerful energies they have been experiencing since entering the eclipse window, but I got nothing. Friday in dreamtime the energies hit my grid hard and fast. I woke up at 12:59 talking to someone about remembering a code, and when I saw it the program would end. As my consciousness returned to my physical body, I was really upset that I didn't bring the code back with me. I noted the fingers (mudra) in the Wesak image of Buddha that create a zero. Was Zero the Code? For some reason I felt trapped in physical reality, my only thought being that my family and I remain safe in whatever was going to happen in the time remaining. At "Zero" it all collapses.

It begins with a CME ... Coronal Mass Ejection ... a massive burst of solar wind and magnetic fields rising above the solar corona that are released into space. If a powerful CME heads towards a planet, destruction ensues as in the film Knowing where a solar flare burned away the atmosphere and incinerated the surface of the Earth, destroying all life on the planet.

Physical reality is created by electromagnetic grids that allow the brain to believe everything you see and experience is real. CMEs affect electromagnetic grids and planetary magnetics, sparking geomagnetic storms -> affecting power grids, GPS, satellite communications, shifting ocean and jet stream currents in the Pacific Ring of Fire -> creating unusual and extreme global weather patterns and unstoppable Earth changes -> affecting the behavior patterns of all sentient life forms on the planet. It is what many people are experiencing today in the sense of ... nothing matters ... nothing makes sense ... the world is going crazy ... reality has to end as it doesn't work. Solar Maximum

Solar Activity May 24-25

Red bars indicate a solar storm

Current Solar Data from NOAA

Earthquake Activity May 23-25, 2013

Eclipse and full moon energies create earthquakes.

Red circles indicate current quakes - the larger the circle the more powerful the earthquake.

Current Earthquake Activity IRIS (NOAA)

8.3 earthquake hits Russia followed by a 6.8 as global earthquakes inch their way into more densely populated areas -- precursors to what is coming.
Powerful earthquake off east coast of Russia   BBC - May 24, 2013

A powerful earthquake struck off the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia's far east. Authorities in the eastern province of Sakhalin initially issued a tsunami warning that was lifted. Tremors were felt across Russia reaching Moscow, some 7,000km (4,500 miles) to the west. The last time tremors were felt in Moscow was 30 years ago. The epicentre of the quake was in the Sea of Okhotsk to the west of the Kamchatka peninsula, around 600 km (380 miles) under the sea. Volcanoes of Kamchatka

Northern California registered a 5.7 earthquake with 22 aftershocks including a magnitude 4.9 temblor.

May 20, 2013 Moore Oklahoma Tornado

Sinkholes are Serious

Recently several people have mentioned another destructive force Sinkholes. Due to climate changes and natural disasters there is massive increase in the number of sinkholes around the country, if not the world.

North of San Francisco and south of Mt. Shasta ...
Sinkholes in Lakeport, California   Earthfiles - May 2013
On Monday, May 6, 2013, Robin and Scott Spivey, a former building inspector, were stunned after their home dropped 10 feet below the street in Lakeport, California. Eight other homes have also sunk, breaking up and are now abandoned, while ten other homeowners have been given notice of imminent evacuation because the unexpected and unexplained ground sinking jeopardizes them as well. YouTube