Confronting Earth Changes

March 10, 2010

As consciousness returns us to light, we experience in a timeline where instincts are heightening and messages received are as much internal as external.

Change, if anything, is accelerating everywhere, therefore it is important to stay on top of things on all levels.

Earth changes continue to accelerate exponentially. 2010 has set records for earthquake and related activity, highlighted in Haiti, Chile, Japan, and Turkey so far. Extreme weather conditions are found in most areas, which include flooding, mudslides, landslides, and more.

The US Government reports that earthquake activity is within the norm, but that is not exactly accurate as earthquakes comes more frequently and with greater intensity. This is just the tip of the iceberg - which takes us to polar meltdowns, plate tectonic, weather patterns, tsunamis, cyclones, tornadoes, all setting records, etc. One must be careful with government information as they try not to alarm people, yet one should plan accordingly and not be caught off guard, especially if you live in a fault zone.

Readers of this blog, who live in areas where earthquake activity has hit hard, report sleep problems, confusion, restlessness, and strange animal behavior in the area, prior to an earthquake of 7.0 and above. What this means is ... the earthquake is in the grids and those who will be affected are accessing the information telepathically. This in turn, affects their mental, emotional and physical bodies. Readers in Chile emailed that they dreamed about the earthquake before it happened wherein they 'saw' the ground shaking and buildings falling everywhere with a feeling that the world is ending.

If you live in the Pacific Rim, you really need to follow the news. As far as the west coast of the US goes, anyone who lives there can tell you, it's due for major seismic activity soon, and though people love their homes and would have liked to live in near perfect weather until the end, they know better and pay close attention.

Many are west coast metaphysical people, who drum and strum and chant and pray creating powerful energies when combined. This is not unlike the energies created throughout time by indigenous people, religious rituals, to shift grids, which in the end never stay shifted as we are programed for ongoing drama.

They believe the healing work they do is keeping that part of the world in balance, preventing major disasters to date. That is part of their programmed experience here, just as everything you do is preprogrammed. Perhaps in the past energy work made a difference, but this is the end of the program, and as I have written, closure is locked and loaded so nothing shifts grids now, unless it's your personal grid.

Don't you want to see souls free and happy? Don't you want to evolve back to light and consciousness and on to higher learning and adventures in another form? How attached are you to your Earth body?

We are programmed to believe that it will all be okay in time, but does that feel like what is going to happen? Do you see the tectonic plates fixing themselves? How? Do you see the economy getting better? How? Do you see people moving away from false religious beliefs that make no sense? Don't you want the truth about conspiracies theories, going back through the ages, to be known? Do people seem more dysfunctional to you? Are you getting forgetful? Is the illusion of time losing its integrity to you? Are you becoming less and less a 3D person?

All things are connected. There is a ripple effect going on that cannot be denied or stopped. You read, meditate, dream, and discuss global events with others. You may or may not come to a conclusion that as has been predicted for millennia - something is happening that changes the face of the planet and reality forever. From there you draw your own conclusions, based on your programming. You read this blog, so something inside you says we are on the same page. Time will tell as Earth changes accelerate along with consciousness.

At the end of the 'day', you won't need this blog or anyone else to tell you time is up. You will know it intuitively.