DNA and Other Stories Encoded in Time

You Are Your DNA

Social Butterfly or Wallflower: It's in Your Genes   National Geographic - January 27, 2009

You are your DNA code which attracts experiences to you. You view, experience and process these events through your emotional, physical and spiritual matrixes/bodies.

The way you live your life is genetically encoded into your DNA blueprint. Free will is limited to trivial pursuits. This code references your biological parents and grandparents. It is why you often you often see yourself becoming more like them as you age, but hopefully living on a higher functioning level.

As a bloodline ... it takes you to the genetic memories of your race and ethnic background - memories often viewed as past lives. It is the reason so many people currently descent from mixed backgrounds, to carry more than one code. You are playing out your genetic imprint. Breaking your codes equates to breaking the seals of an ancient scroll ... for all follow the journey of the bloodline back to the beginning ... the original insert.

I watched The Last Templar and enjoyed the predictable adventure. Was there a gospel of Jesus of Nazareth? If so, it will never be found. Also ... they will never find a Grail Cup - which is a Vessel - which is a Human - which contains the blood - bloodline - liquid gold - alchemy of time and consciousness. Further, they won't find the Ark (chest, heart chakra). All are metaphors in time.

Would such a gospel denounce religions and state that reality is a hologram, dream, illusion, etc. - information brought forth by indigenous people since the beginning? Most likely. Do you care at this point in your experience? Would such a gospel link with finding out the truth about alien ancestors as creation figures (numbers in a sacred geometric code)?

Isn't the real truth in connecting with the master grid and shifting your personal matrix/hologram in time? This is exactly what will happen as you awaken the instant the program closes and you return to your natural state of light and consciousness. Do you suppose that is what the real truth is ... the consciousness journey of the human spirit questing for its origins in the sands of time? "There's always a clue that leads to another clue," Jon Voight as Patrick Henry Gates in National Treasure. This is the quest of humanity into the truth.

The 'healing and energy grid' is a vehicle of understanding
how dysfunctional the characters in this program were created.

The burdens of consciousness will soon be alleviated.

"Oy vey! What a headache!"

Sobek the Crocodile (reptile, DNA) God of Rebirth

Talk about reptilians, DNA and 1111 codes...

"Grumpy" Reptile Becomes Dad at 111  
National Geographic - January 27, 2009

Henry and Mildred's union resulted in 11 babies hatched on Monday.