Someone to Dialogue With on the Other Side - 2010 Style

June 2010

Tick Tock! 2010 is half over. It's the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, as the sun moves into Cancer. You may or may not participate in rituals and ceremonies that could be fun in the moment but make little difference in the long run when real life kicks back in. Those were the old ways of the 3D experience. You are moving to light where rituals don't exist.

The world as we remember it is dying allowing us to evolve back to light. You've read everything there is to read about metaphysics - especially healing and energy. You're tired. The shift in frequency this week, really took its toll on you.

So who do you talk to on the other side? Until this year, you would have considered a master teacher, spirit guide, archangel, or countless other entities who brought the same grid information that your consciousness has moved beyond ... as you've learned to trust your 'gut instincts'.

Let's keep it simple. You want to dialogue with a connection on the other side. Enough with the hokey stuff - meditations, rituals, sacred space, aliens, etc. No time for that.

Here's what to do. When you can, or even now as you sit there ... clear your thoughts. For the moment, get rid of distractions like cells phones, etc.

No deep breathing, etc. You are past that.

Tune your consciousness 'up' (focusing easily). Telepathically ask for the name of someone who can guide your journey now. Whatever name comes, accept as true. From now on, dialogue with this soul, or aspect of your soul, for it is all the same.

Best times to dialogue ... in the shower or any body of water - when going to sleep or getting up - when driving - when in doubt. It's easy and fun.

You don't need to stay on a metaphysical journey anymore - questing and searching for who you are and why you are here. You're here to experience the close of our reality program. That may be a bit difficult for you to grasp, but you sense a truth exists in these words, you just have to find your connection.

Time is phasing out.

Here's the name I got today ... Gene. My connection on the other side is Z, but for me Gene goes to reality as a biogenetic program set in time. "Hi Gene .... I think you're really Z hiding behind a lab coat as I view you now." (wink) True connections always make you laugh, for as you will learn when it ends - humor is the key and parallels love in frequency.