The Goddesses and the 13 Crystal Skulls

Skulls represent consciousness through which humanity

experiences virtually in the holograms of reality.

Crystal skulls represent the soul's journey into awareness

through the crystal creations of consciousness

in the eye of time.

You are going on a journey with an ancient crystal skull that

is encoded with sacred knowledge which you will access.

Prepare as you would for meditation.


Envision an altar before you.

Beside the altar stands a Goddess.

Suddenly a crystal skull appears on the altar.

The goddess sweeps her hand in a counter clockwise motion, calling the crystal skull to her. She then gives the crystal skull to you. You understand. You remember. It is 1 of 13 crystal skulls destined to be reunited as once they were, forming a matrix of transformation for human consciousness to the next level. It is your destiny to bring the crystal skull back to the Goddess of the Mayan Temple.

As you hold the crystal skull

you feel energy surging within you.

You quickly find yourself transported back

to the Mayan Temple

a portal in time.

You are greeted by the goddess of the temple

who smiles at you knowingly.

As you extend your hand with the crystal skull it ignites

and moves into place on the altar as once it was.

Through the crystal prisms of consciousness within your mind

you awaken the knowledge of creation and your reason for being ... here.