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June 8, 2006 - Bird Formation

Bird Headed Beings Ascension

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Quote from the crop circle file above: "By tradition, the Uffington White Horse was made in honor of the Celtic goddess Rhiannon. Less well known is that the same goddess was also symbolized by birds. Hence the new crop drawing of a bird, pointing to a white horse, seems self-explanatory in terms of ancient history. But why did they draw it just now? Of possible relevance, there is the famous song "Rhiannon" (Will You Ever Win) by Stevie Nicks. It did occur to me here, that Celtic views on reincarnation might possibly be correct. Thus, some crop circles may be made with specific people in mind, to assist in their spiritual awakening."


Celtic Mythology - Gods and Goddesses

Uffington White Horse

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Old Pewsey White Horse in Wiltshire (1785)

Crop Circles Gain Perspective Wired - August 4, 2006
The new circle is located near the famous Uffington
White Horse and a Neolithic burial chamber called
Wayland's Smithy, which dates back to 3700 B.C.



Pegasus, the winged horse, was born from the blood of Medusa, the Gorgon, after Perseus cut off her head. Poseidon was his father. With the help of Athena and Poseidon, Pegasus was captured by Bellerophon to aid in the attack on the Chimaera, which was a fire-breathing she-goat with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail. Once Bellerophon killed the Chimaera, he became too overconfident and tried to fly Pegasus to Olympus. He didn't make it, and fell to the earth. Pegasus did make it, and Zeus captured him for himself to carry his thunderbolts. He is sheltered in the heavenly stalls of Olympus.

Behold a White Horse
Revelation 6:1-2

White Horse References Wikipedia

The Grand Finale in Crop Circleland

August 5, 2006

With any performance - the Grand Finale comes at the end of the season and is usually a spectacular display - like fireworks or a good film that tugs at your soul. The best of 2006 is yet to come on the playing field - August being the end time.

By now you understand the patterns of the archetypes that manifest each year - most reflecting creational metaphors as that is why they are set in place ... and you have watched crop patterns over time ... you can sit back and enjoy the show with greater meaning. You are now thinking out of the box - based on patterns and holograms.

No one has ever discovered who creates crop circles other than the formations hoaxed by humans. There are theories ... some go to ET's (why would they bother?) or the governments using satellite technology (why would they bother?) - among others.

Crop circles have an energy about them that magnifies - amplifies - electrifies - those who visit them - based on their grid matrix and what one wants to access from the experience.

Crop circles have a function in the fiction of our reality - just as alien encounters - healing modalities - grid points - ley lines, vortexes - megalithic monuments - are placed within the grid as a mechanism to enlighten those programmed to that end. Whatever works. Whatever connects and runs the current.

Human consciousness is remembering the end times of the program. There are many venues to choose from. Select your option and hit PLAY!

This coincides with major Earth changes - terrorism and war coming out of the Middle East and the world as a game board - religious paradigms shifting from old belief systems that enslave humanity and no longer work to free souls - government control and conspiracies that enslave - as well as humanity controlled by vices - mental illness - diseases - etc.

My thoughts on crop circles - as with all else in our reality - they are created by the consciousness grid - either as an insert - or by planting the idea (seed) for a specific pattern in the mind of those who would create it on the ground. It is all preset. Crop formations inspire souls to awaken - following specific geometric patterns. Their energies enhance the viewer's experience. They are best viewed as holograms.

From time to time - I keep in touch with several of the researchers from the old days. Most are well intended have a passion for bringing greater meaning to the formations that appear each year. As with any course of study - many researchers moved on.

August 25, 1995 Crystalinks premiered online. That November I sponsored Colin Andrews at Madison Square Garden. His name is linked to crop circle research from the beginning. At that time I was hoping crop circles were created by aliens who would come forth one day with the truth. There are many who still believe this will happen - as creation of everything in this 'playing field' is from above.

Colin Andrews should not be confused with another UK investigator and author - The Black Alchemist - Andrew Collins.

In 1995 - through Colin Andrews - I emailed with a researcher (man) from the UK who created a software program that allegedly correlates a connection between the appearance of crop circle and UFO sightings. His program also foretold the best time for UFO sightings in different areas based on grid alignments. His program had a lot of 'hits' - but as with all programs - there were 'misses'. This includes our reality which has recycled many times to its end. He planned to perfect his program. We lost touch and sadly I don't recall his name. One has to assume if his predictions were accurate - he would be famous by now. It's the passion of the experience - as this program is about emotions - that is important - the quest - and Europeans love to quest.




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