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Saturday December 27, 2014

On a sunny day in the city, as the temperatures reached unseasonable highs in the 50's, thousands of people lined the street of Glendale, Queens, NY for the funeral of police officer Rafael Ramos.

As I watched on TV, I looked for friends and clients, but didn't recognize anyone in the "sea of blue" that seemed to go on and on for miles. I don't think there has ever been anything like it. Police officers and others came from as far away as Canada, in a show of strength, unity and support, to honor the life of Rafael Ramos and others they knew who have died in the line of duty.

If you can "see' spirit, you would have noticed thousands of souls passing through the sea of blue. I actually caught a glimpse of Ramos near his wife and sons, then walking through de Blasio. It was the strongest spirit presentation I have ever experienced, moreso than on 9/11. There is something about the death of these two police officers that is a game changer.

The ceremony began when a police honor guard carried Ramos' casket into the church. Later in the day Vice President Joe Biden, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton delivered eulogies. From everything I hear about de Blasio, he hates cops, yet expects them to protect him. His marriage is one of convenience, and nothing about him is honorable.

Most touching was Bratton announcing Ramos was appointed as an honorary NYPD chaplain then posthumously promoting Ramos and Liu to the rank of detective. This will mean more money for their families. They will be well provided for in the future, though nothing can replace the love lost from the two men who were killed - Ramos and his partner, Wenjian Liu who was recently married. Wenjian Liu's funeral will be next Saturday as family arrives from China.

Email from my friend Bob, a retired NYPD Lieutenant

I was there dressed in a shirt and tie. It as a very sad day for all. A lot of anger against politicians especially the mayor. His speech was not genuine, we all knew that. I didn't like the governor's speech either, not a time or place for telling jokes or trying to be funny. He also talked about politics in much of his speech. He should have kept that for another time. It sounded like a speech he would have said on a campaign trail or to his constituents at a fund raiser. Most around me agreed. I liked the police commissioners speech a lot. Thought Biden's speech was nice he was just reading a piece of paper written for him. I didn't like that he brought up Obama in the speech - again, not the time or place.

My thoughts during funeral

I had a proud feeling being surrounded by at least 25,000 cops from all over the USA and Canada that came to show support in such anarchistic times. Was told over 90 canine present and heard numbers between 200-400 police motorcycles, and 12 police helicopters as well. Beautiful sights to behold.

Mayor walked passed thousands of cops from all over USA who turned backs to him, proud of them. A banner held high telling the Mayor that NYPD members turned their back on him, after he turned his back on us, was a nice touch. No shouting or booing, only a silent protest at this funeral. Well done. Speech he gave was extremely disingenuous. He bashed police for months, now he is at a funeral for a cop who signed the form requesting that he never show up for. Most cops believe he is one of the main causes of these issues in NYC. Most did not want him at funeral.

Our backs turned to the mayor is not about contracts at all. It's 100% about losing respect for him after his bashing for the past few months. Especially after he supposedly told his son to be careful around cops because he is half white and half black. He and every member of his family have been getting police protection around the clock for many years because he was in that "made up" position of "public advocate". If he really felt that way, he could have refused this police protection, but he didn't. t was clearly said to race bait and side with protestors/anarchists. But obviously, there is no truth to it. He only got voted in because 74% of NYC didn't vote. Now the are reaping what they sowed. Clearly he is in over his head and getting worse by the day. His plan now is to demonize the Police Unions so he can give almost no raises in this contract and get support from the citizens. They are seeing through him now. This is a good thing.

I read now that he had his aides call up all of the politicians at city hall requesting them to publicly bash police union presidents. They aren't the ones turning their backs, the members who work in the streets are. Just another sign from the mayor that he refuses to admit and/or see the truth. He is clearly clueless. At the end of his speech, the mayor decided to say a few words in Spanish for some reason as well. The Spanish officers laughed at how bad his accent was. They felt embarrassed, I only wondered if he would do the same at the funeral for the Chinese speaking police officer next weekend. I felt like the mayor dropped the ball again.

I didn't like the governors speech as well, seemed 100% political. I felt like I was listening to a fundraising speech or one that he would say while on a campaign trail. Where was the focus on the murdered police officer. We all know that NYC is diverse, why keep mentioning it? Sadly, I felt empathy for what the cops are feeling wasn't there. Even more-so, how could he make jokes and smile while saying his speech at the funeral? Definitely not the correct time for that. All cops around me were shaking their heads in disbelief. He is just another politician who just will never understand.

Vice President Biden read a nice speech that was written for him. Although I don't agree with him politically, I admit he seemed genuine. I did not like the facts hat he didn't keep the focus on PO Ramos, he felt the need to compare the fact that New York is a melting pot of all colors and nationalities, saying a Kenyan father and white mother had a son who became president. He should have just stayed focused on the murdered police officer. It was PO Ramos' time, not the Presidents. If the President wanted to be a part of the speech, he should have quit golfing in Hawaii for one day and came to the funeral.

I enjoyed the Police Commissioners speech very much. He was choked up and it was very apparent. Very heartfelt. I don't agree with how he is not protecting cops more during the protests, but you could tell he understood the pain everyone was feeling at that moment. Was by far the best speaker of the day.

It took me an hour to walk back to my car to go home, not easy to find a parking spot so close on a day like this. While walking I realized I have been to way too many funerals the passed 21 years. I do not know the exact number, but a few dozen nevertheless. Although I retired recently the number will not stop there, I'll continue to show support for many to come.

Politicians empowered criminals. Once the politicians and news agencies demonized the police, it brings about a part the public to feel like the politicians are on the side of the miscreants of society. This is the result. There will be many more deaths of police officers because of this. Either they will back off and let crime run rampant or lace up their boots and put on their big boy pants and kick some ass out there. I'm curious how the police agencies will handle themselves in the near future. Anarchy is flexing it's ugly head in the name of anti police and anti white privilege/racism.

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