Chapter 71

February 17, 2014 - Ellie's Birthday

Thanks for the "alien" card Darlene ..

After all these years, you and I are still on the same page ...

Just another chapter in my life ... Chapter 71.

Darlene's Humorous Birthday Card

Last November I taught a class - on 11.11.13 - about the number code 11.11 at a store in Boca Raton owned by Linda Powers who sees 11:11 all the time. Linda and I share the same birthday. Today Linda sent me this photo and email ... Happy Birthday Linda.

Happy Birthday, dear Ellie.

I just walked my dogs and was doing chores, when I remembered it is your birthday too, went to phone and saw it is 11:11 !! Too funny. Hope you have a great day and year.

Love, Linda

From my Daughters and Grandchildren

I spent the past few days celebrating with family - and continue on this week with friends. My grandson Noah, 8, is most impressed by the fact that I share a birthday with Michael Jordan. Noah is a "numbers guy" meaning he never forgets dates, numbers, and is great with math. He definitely inherited that from me. Yesterday he told me that I am not officially 71 until February 17 at 11:25 pm.

So how does it feel to be 71? Not much different than any other year - except that I look out over reality and see how it's folding in and how many more people "get it".

My daughter Tracy, in Gilbert Arizona, teaches gifted children. Sunday she and I had a very long and interesting conversation about today's education system and the future of tomorrow ... should there be a future. As Tracy said ...we go along with our lives, we plan ... we continue to experience and yet we look at the world and say nothing works. Readers of this blog totally understand what's happening in the immediate and in the larger picture. And so we take what simple pleasures we can, embrace them, and move forward into the next ...

Tracy's daughter, Joie, brings her great joy with her cheerleading competitions. It's exciting when our children are involved in sports and other extracurricular activities in which they excel. It's a needed diversion from that which we call life.

Interestingly, the few clients who ventured out here for a reading this month, are all young adults, college educated, trying to find themselves. What career would you recommend for them? Among the most disillusioned group of professionals, are those who wanted to become doctors. The healing-helping part of them feels satisfied, but on the financial level, the money is never going to be what it was in the past. None of the doctors I read are happy with Obamacare.

Oh well ... It's my birthday and best not to dwell on all the things that are wrong in reality. I've planned a day with a friends ... just relaxing and enjoying ... another holiday birthday on a sunny day on planet Earth in which I celebrate today with famous mend on Presidents Day 2014 ... especially George who brought the Masonic program here to play out in its final chapter.

Reality and consciousness are based on numbers and codes.

Chapter 71 began as I entered my "8" year and

ends as I turn 72 (9) and move into my "9" year in numerology.