Ellie's Birthday 2/17/09 - Stargate Adventures

Last weekend was spent with family.

On this day I turned 66 and played with friends above and below.
It was a great time filled with messages, cards and gifts.

Mark's reflection in the window of Time

It speaks of moving through a brick wall as Mark was astral traveling.

I also see number 309.

Ellie and Mark have fun in the light.

Time is not what you perceive it to be. On my birthday, George and I had two unexplained temporal anomalies. The first one involved my seeing George walking down the street towards my car, then in a blink he was gone and no one was there. He was actually four blocks away. The other incident involved glitches linked to programming. I am far more interested in Time than ET, although you can't have one without the other.

Z brought to mind a memory I have always had about my consciousness spiraling into the Ellie Crystal physical body - which would now be 66 years ago - an interesting number indeed. Z then told my friends and I that legitimate UFO sightings begin with tones from space picked up by SETI. It sort of reminded me of the film Independence Day though my friends said it reminded them of Contact as Jodie Foster played the first woman to go into space. Her name was Ellie. From there all gets revealed, but this is not until the end of the program which is close at 'hand'.

In the revolving door of life, this birthday reunited me with friends that go back 20 years or more who I met on my metaphysical journey. Everyone recognizes they have lived out, and experienced their dramas, with an understanding that everything the program allows has always been out there for souls to find when they are ready to understand. One friend told me that I am the only person she knows who never wavered from her path or got involved in the dramas of others ... just full steam ahead and now it is coming to 'my time'.

Mars - Stargate Odysseys and Ellie Adventures

As friends returned to my life on my birthday, one man, involved in the Montauk Project, made contact. A weird synchronicity on Wednesday afternoon, lead my friend Bill to his doorstep - in none other than the Catskill Mountains - Sleepy Hollow - after which he and I hooked up. This is an area I visited with Dennis in October 2007 when we met Merlin.

We talked for two hours or more. In that time we reminisced about events in the world today that we foresaw 20 years ago that have come to pass ... and the closing of the program which he sees in 2012 - August 12. I think earlier ...

Among the endless projects he has worked on - personal and for the government - he told me about his adventures as an engineer who helped activate one of four stargates in the US (two are active) as portals to other planets. He described the stargates in much the same way they are depicted on the TV show - right down to the event horizon. He said he didn't feel sick when passing through the stargate but did not disclose his destinations.

UFO sightings are just the tip of the iceberg - there is so much more we should be exploring as a race. Think of what the techies could add to the equation. As with others who have ET connections, my friend awaits the changes that will take us out of this program and into something more advanced.

He said my theory of a holographic universe is becoming more accepted in scientific circles.

As he connects with the Pleiadians, I politely asked if they would physically teach me here or on a ship. He paused ... connected ... and said they know who I am. Great, I thought - next asking to make a physical connection. He only received silence as a reply. We can take that as a NO - the same way the Grays won't come to talk. Why, you may ask? I am not in their grid experience/program. My work is different. It is about 'time' and shutting down the entire program. It is not about theories (busy work) about moving from this reality to a la la reality in love and light.

His call was followed by another from another long time friend, Michelle, who now lives in Arizona near my daughter Tracy. We spent lots of time catching up and laughing about life and what seemed important once upon a time vs. today. It's all just experience. Michelle is a member of MUFON. We talked about stargates ... She has also met people who have traveled through stargates to Mars where we allegedly have had colonies for decades with the aid of ET's.

Odyssey Turns Its Cameras on Mars Wired

2001 Mars Odyssey Wiki -- "2001 Mars Odyssey is a robotic spacecraft orbiting the planet Mars. Its mission is to use spectrometers and imagers to hunt for evidence of past or present water and volcanic activity on Mars. It is hoped that the data Odyssey obtains will help answer the question of whether life has ever existed on Mars. It also acts as a relay for communications between the Mars Explorations Rovers and Phoenix lander to Earth. The mission was named after the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, and refers to the differences between the movie and real life by the year 2001."

... Everything will always revert to Z and our Science Project.
'2001: A Space Odyssey', 'Thus Spake Zarathustra'
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