Billets are questions that are written on a piece of paper by one person and answered psychically by another member of a group or class. This is the method I used with my classes.

Everyone in the class takes a pencil or pen - and 2 white sheets of paper. On one of the papers they write a question that can be answered by "Yes" or "No". No one is allowed to see their question.

Students next fold their paper twice. They secretly place a small symbol on the outside of the folded paper so they recognize it as their own, later in the session. A simple shape is often fine.

Next the billets are collected and placed in a bowl or wide-mouth container. I then go to each person and have them select a billet from the bowl. To be sure they don't see which billet they are selecting - I hold the bowl high above then as they reach in and take a billet - making sure it is not there own.

After everyone has a billet - the class spends approximately ten minutes working receiving messages that answer the question in the billet and perhaps other information about the person. Impressions are recorded on the second piece of paper.

One can hold the billet near their third eye - in their hand - between their hands - open their eyes - close their eyes - whatever works best.

Things written include:

  • Drawings (often unfamiliar to the person doing the drawing)
  • Sentences, phrases, quotes
  • Names, letters, numbers, dates, locations
  • Questions from Spirits

    After approximately ten minutes students stop writing. I tell them to write a "Yes" or "No" to the question at that point as a final impression.

    Next we go around the group in a circle starting with the person to my left. Each person reads what they had written on the second paper - often embellishing on what they wrote. For example if they had written that they saw a man walking - they would further describe what he looked like - if the man was happy - if he was walking quickly - any impressions they received.

    After each person reads their billet they show the symbol to the class so the person connected to that question would raise their hand and acknowledge who it was.

    I have found that the messages people get are incredible accurate - far better than they ever imagined they could do.

    Billets can also be used individually by simply writing your question on a piece of paper - folding it - and giving it to someone to hold and interpret. The problem is, if they know it is you, and the issues you are dealing with, they could be biased.

    You should also keep your billets for future reference. Place a date on the top. Later, you may surprised how accurate they were those though perhaps meaningless on the date given.