Below the Surface ... Collision Course

Wednesday June 30, 2010

The planet continues to rock in the land of the ancient Maya. Hurricane Alex was in the news as it would affect the Gulf Oil Spill.

Magnitude-6.2 quake hits southern Mexico YouTube - June 30, 2010

  Diver "Vanishes" in Portal to Maya Underworld   National Geographic - June 29, 2010

Diving into natural pools in Belize in the quest for offerings from the ancient Maya, explorers found what's believed to be the country's first recorded fossilized remains. In the course of the expedition, one diver "disappeared" into the pool's floor.

Wednesday, while archiving about the death of Cleopatra VII, I discovered the file hadn't been updated in about 10 years, which took me off on a tangent. It's fun to review old text as other aspects of my journey resurface putting a new twist on old storylines and filling in a lot of the blanks.

No, I didn't play the role of Cleopatra - more likely Mark Antony. I like playing the role of a guy - handsome and well endowed no doubt, having lots of fun - until I was murdered... LOL. I wonder how many times that's happened?

Actually, I left the program after Egypt and Sumer and never was part of the Ancient Roman grid program inserts. A better way to put it, as all things run parallel - I experienced Sumer, Egypt and the Middle East, not Rome or much of the European programs until Germany and the Nazi Time Travel program. I had fun in the U.S. Wild West programs playing roles from the Madame of a brothel to a San Francisco (male) millionaire who lived his life in the moment, making and losing fortunes by mining gold and gambling.

As a Native American, I went spiritual and learned that rituals generally don't work for the long haul, but great for influencing weather.

I've definitely played major roles in the ancient astronaut and ET programs - but nothing linked to angels and other religious inserts. Atlantis has a very strong powerful connection.

As to Asia, I was a Monk briefly - more of an ET in Monk's clothing linked to harmonics and what they can do here in the physical planet - then left after my work was done.

Mesoamercia is off the grid for me.

Present timeline - after updating Cleopatra - new content and pictures and a review of her "Needles" - I made a link to my obelisk (needle) in the park across the street which aligns with the Statue of Liberty (facing France) and Ground Zero in lower Manhattan - the links of a program realigning for closure.

The Obelisk File has also been updated.

After I finished the file and went back to updating Ezine ... there was Zahi digging himself out of another hole.

Egypt finds evidence of unfinished ancient tomb   PhysOrg - June 30, 2010

Egyptian chief archaeologist Zahi Hawass said it has taken three years to excavate the 570-foot (174 meter) long tunnel in Pharaoh Seti I's ornate tomb in southern Egypt's Valley of the Kings. The pharaoh died before the project was finished.