Avatar Energies

Wednesday January 6, 2010

My friend George and I spent another silly fun filled day together ... some people just never grow up. Like me, George has breached the happiness scale - life and times of a soul traveler on a journey to shut things down. Mission accomplished ... almost! In the afternoon we thought of doing another Blog Talk Radio Show, but what else is left to say that hasn't been said and spoken again. Nonetheless we listened to some guy on his show making predictions about weather patterns, consciousness, disclosure, and believe it or not - love and light! We laughed and laughed and talked about people stuck in old paradigms wondering how it would all play out. A listener asked the guy about 2012 and he no more had a definitive answer than anyone else. Let it just happen. No wonder people have dropped out of the metaphysical loop and set a course for the stars ... or perhaps Pandora...

There is something about these white entities from the film Avatar that reminds me of dream messages I often receive ...

Dandelions Are Free

Souls are Free in the Lion's Tale and the Geometry of Time

In the Grid

Technology moves us out of the dark ages and unites everything in the game. We all align with grids that match our consciousness frequencies. From there the creative process begins hopefully manifesting based on its geometric design and that of its viewers. James Cameron initially conceived Avatar in 1995, fourteen years before the movie came to the screen as he waited for the technology needed to make the film. In 1995 ... Ellen Greenbaum was guided to paint the alien character aligned with the Avatar character Neytiri. Ellen wrote, "I was capturing an other-wordly being in a setting with a sprawling tree reaching up around it with tiny creatures abounding all around it, all connected by a sort of web. To me, the similarities to the main character in AVATAR are rather uncanny!"

Then there's ....


In the Spirals of Time and Consciousness ... Creation and Destruction


If you are on my frequency ... since the eclipse on New Year's Eve, we seem to have emerged in a new consciousness insert that is strangely different than others to date. This feeling has to come from your soul, not your emotions (depression) or physical mind (something you read). What does it feel like? The feeling of closure is so strong, long term planning and projects seem to make no sense. Here's an example - you want to do a creative project to help others. You look at the energies needed to complete the project - time and money included, and quickly decide there simply is not enough time left to do it, or the goal of the project will take too long to accomplish. You conclude ... consciousness will take care of everything. Time to go out and play. FYI - there's a solar eclipse on January 15 - New Moon 25 degrees Capricorn.

Creation and Destruction

In 2009 we spoke about science and science fiction merging. Intuitively people know answers they will need soon that are not found in mainstream experience anymore, but something that will come from the mind of the creative producer. This afternoon I was updating the Ezine calendar for March as time goes so quickly. I had already prepared the events through March 7th, discovering that was the date of the Academy Awards. "I wondered if the nominees are posted?" I asked Z who laughed back as if he got some joke I had not uncovered. He's such a know-it-all. Off I went to google news and voila ... Z's right again. The nominees were just posted. "Great synchronicities Z!" (Wink) On this day the Producers Guild of America (PGA) came out with its list of nominees for the best film for 2009 - It was a great year for science fiction - including Avatar, Star Trek, and District 9.

The blue 3D people of Pandora (metaphors) will easily win. As in the film Avatar, as we sleep we move into our physical forms in this 3D reality to experience emotions, until we must return to sleep state again. Which world is real? Neither, but it's fun to play make-believe, in a land far far away, knowing we will soon return home.

FYI - after I finished March 3 (3/3/2010 or 3/3/3) - each time I tried to move to March 4, something got in the way. It was uncanny, like being stuck in the grove of a 33 1/3 old vinyl record. This went on for days last week after which I gave up and decided to review the ancient civilizations. I wonder if that date will hold significance for me, the planet or something greater?

Destruction - January 3, 2010

2010 Solomon Islands 7.2 earthquake and tsunami

As we have discussed, Earth changes are accelerating and by 2010 it is all part of the equation. From polar meltdowns, to human meltdowns, to the tsunamis of matter and consciousness ... all expands globally like a giant wave as water seems to engulf everything in the alchemy of time.

Location, Location, Location - Adventures in the Hologram - The Tree and Me

Wake-up dream Wednesday January 6 2010 :: Last week I blogged that people are dreaming about their past in this lifetime as the grids collapse. In my wake-up dream I was quickly moving in and out of the grids - each time finding myself in another reality linked to Ellie Crystal. A few times I wound up in the past when my children were young, but quickly flew off knowing that part of my experience was complete. Other times I was in the multiverse of timelines parallel to this reality, but with subtle differences. For example - I was sitting in front of my computer, but instead of my 30 inch monitor there were 2 smaller monitors side by side and it wasn't a Mac. :( I flew back and forth to a point of origin until I located this designation and woke up. 2012 is a designation, location, and part of an equation for closure.

Zoroaster (Z) and the Floating Mountains

The Floating Mountains of Pandora