What the Beep Do We Know ....

(Serpent Car Horn)

March 2, 2010

Some people like to walk, others run, ride a bicycle, drive cars or other vehicles, go by boat, train or plane - to get from place A to place B. Still others, who study the esoteric arts, prefer out of body travel from astral projection to remote viewing, with some claiming bio-location abilities. We are a planet on the move in every direction and accelerating.

The auto industry certainly has had its up and down since the recession/depression started in 2008, with surprises for manufacturers and consumers as a pattern about Recalls happened globally for foreign and domestic vehicles. Lives runs in cycles (patterns) with grids energies fueling them. Major auto manufacturers, foreign and domestic, have recalled vehicles for different reasons as of this post as the patterns accelerates. Has this affected you?

The Energy Industry continues to attract people to products and businesses linked with alternative (clean) energy and fuel efficiency. Many blame the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile on the discovery of oil in those areas. Drilling into the tectonic plates is never good, especially to access geothermal energy, which is bound to accelerate what Mother Nature has already set into motion as the program closes. But wasn't it all destined to play out this way from the beginning? There are no perfect answers, just more dramas. Green Fuels Could Damage Environment, Study Claims   Epoch Times - March 2, 2010

Did you every stop to think about how many dramas you have followed in the news during your lifetime?

What is life but a series of inspired follies. - George Bernard Shaw

What the beep do we know?

Expect Delays

That expression seems to define many things in our lives these days.

March 2, 2010

Today the world struggles to get back on its feet in many regions, for different reasons, as the grids collapse causing havoc in their wake. This year we witnessed major earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, and Japan. As the planet grows unstable, along with human consciousness, everything we do becomes interconnected and related in one way or another.

Years ago air travel was different, but then again so was everything else. Technology has brought change but so did the events of 9/11 especially at major airports around the world affecting millions of people each day. We all know what that is about, and we all know that delays are the norm.

I live in Brooklyn, close to three major airports - all 30 minutes away - Newark, JFK and La Guardia. JFK, already ranking high in delays, will have serious problems over the next 4 months, or more, as they extend and rebuild its major runway. This will have global repercussions as airfares rise and delays get worse.

As all is connected in the global web of intrigue, this will affect millions of travelers and those they connect with, domestic and international. Somehow, you will be affected.

Frankly, I'd prefer a UFO or to simply teleport.