What Lies Beneath, Archaeology - March 2007

Canary Islands, Crack in Earth's Crust, Tsunami, Atlantis

The story about the hole in the Earth's crust continues... (myths, math and metaphors abound)

Scientists probe 'hole in Earth' in the mid-Atlantic, piece of crust missing BBC - March 1, 2007
The hole in the crust is midway between the Cape Verde Islands and the Caribbean, on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Mission to Study Earth's Gaping 'Open Wound' Live Science - March 1, 2007
A 12 member team of scientists will embark on a voyage next week to study an 'open wound' on the Atlantic seafloor where the EarthÕs deep interior lies exposed without any crust covering. The Earth's crust (mantle) is mysteriously missing and instead is covered with dark green rock from deep inside the planet. A robot will travel to the bottom of the crater and film what it sees. The hole is about 16,400 feet under the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

Earth's Mantle

Not long ago I watched a program on the History Channel about a tidal wave that could cause a mega-tsunami going from the Canary Islands across the Atlantic to the east coast of the US. The graphics were amazing. I suppose anything is possible as the tectonic plates crack and separate, and all of reality changes.

Tidal wave threat 'over-hyped' BBC - October 29, 2004
Scientists warn of massive wave CNN - August 29, 2001 (2 weeks before 9/11)

Tsunamis in the Atlantic Ocean Main Geological Survey

Canary Islands and Atlantis
The Canary Islands have also been identified as a possible location for Atlantis, west of the Straits of Gibraltar but in close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. One can sense the fall of Atlantis, and the precursors to end both time events, as grid program collide.

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World's Longest Underground River Discovered in Mexico

World's Longest Underground River Discovered in Mexico, Divers Say National Geographic - March 6, 2007

Mexico: Divers discover huge underground river Guardian - March 1, 2007

Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula: Longest underground river found Reuters - March 1, 2007

Mexico's Crystal Cave of Giants

Huge Underground "Ocean" Found Beneath Asia National Geographic - March 1, 2007

Towers point to ancient Sun cult BBC - March 1, 2007

Pre-Inca Observatory Is Oldest in Americas, Study Says National Geographic - March 1, 2007

Peruvian citadel is site of earliest ancient solar observatory in the Americas PhysOrg - March 1, 2007
The fortified stone temple, ceremonial complex, at Chankillo. Archeologists is 2,300 years old

We move to Greece and Hera the wife of Zeus, Z ... talk about challenged marriages
Greek archaeologists find 2,200 year old Goddess Hera statue AP - March 1, 2007