Sex and Alien Encounters

Pam had sex with a 6-foot alien

Sun Online, January 24, 2006

I met Pam at a UFO Conference in Az. in the 1990's. Most researchers know her. Most who frequent UFO conference and major events have met her along the line.

Though one might laugh at the thought of having sex with a reptoid, on some level I believed that Pam believed her story, when she told it to me, even though she's a bit 'out there'. I always can tell when people have had an experience that is real on some level, or they are just faking it. You shouldn't try to fake sex, alien or human (giggle)!

Remember that if aliens are having sexual encounters with humans, Sumerian Program, Nephilim, gods who come from the sky to mate and create a new race, it's not for the fun of it. There would have to be an agenda.

Much of the alien experience seems to be about creating a more evolved race or finding something once bred out of alien DNA that still exists in the human equation, that they want to retri'eve' ... or whatever scenario we are led to believe from year to year. Much of this goes to the gray alien scenarios.

You may recall past columns about my adventures with a reptilian leader, or god figure, named Dilumn. Several people have seen our alleged daughter, Alea, around me. I must admit I have experienced both of them, but not for a long time.

As he showed himself to me, Dilmun was much taller and wore no clothing, such as that depicted in the image above. He said we were mates in another place. I was one among many females he had across the universe! Aint that the truth for most men in their realities and sexual experiences here and there ... talk about group sex and parallel experiences!

I've also had experiences with a gargoyle, alone and with groups of people doing remote viewing, nothing sexual. This was with groups of people on upstate NY adventures, and viewed by everyone. The energies of the gargoyle are the same as Dilmun, for in truth he is Dilmun and the very tall Insectoid alien gray, teacher, named Solux who visits from time to time.

I have met many men who claim to have had sex with aliens, especially a blue lady [metaphors].

Please remember that these are projected experiences as grids converge or through remote viewing. You can be whomever you need to be, or want to be, as long as your ride the grids and keep your perspective in the here and now. Believing that one is having an ongoing love relationship with an entity who is not from our physical reality, goes to other issues.

The method behind the madness goes the creation of our program as a bio-genetic experiment. Reptilians = DNA. Experience, then find the metaphors, get the message, then move on. Never forget ... all is projected illusion.