Ancient Aliens - DNA Connections 2012

Brain (Binary Code) -- Hologram (Fibonacci Sequence)

January 20, 2012

Since the Ancient Alien TV series began, I have wanted to integrate their messages into Crystalinks' files as I know many of the researchers and believe what they say at this level of consciousness. This feels like the final research for me and others, alien presence to be known, or not, in the end. The researchers and producers of the show are doing an amazing job explaining humanity's connections to alien creators from the beginning of time. Where I differ is that I go beyond ancient aliens to the source codes of this reality as a consciousness hologram. The hologram created aliens who created us in many biogenetic experiments all running in synchronicity (parallel) to this reality. Along with that, many of us have genetically inherited memories that link us beyond this physical experience to alien creational forces and beyond.

I can't tell you how many people I have met and read who feel no connection to this program, knowing that it ends soon and we either go back to alien creators, or from my part in all of this - the hologram ends and we return to source, which I call the collective unconscious, or some people call God (semantics). You can't force these memories for as you know the way we experience at this level of reality is based almost entirely on our DNA program, with small amounts of what we call free will. If your genetic codes are programmed to remember, you would have had stirring and paranormal experiences since childhood and by now are finished working on your issues, questing, and know something is coming - the turning point that changes it all. This is not about anything in this reality that people ask me - from global disasters to economic, political, religious, and social issues - all superfluous and designed from the start for failure in his timeline.

The teachers and messages have been out there in recent decades, the information running like a giant web (internet) throughout the world - the return of Spiderwoman who weaves the patterns of this program together for souls to remember as the clock ticks down. That is the meaning behind the prophecy of white animals being born today, including the purple calf born this week. When I am surrounded in purple, it tells me that my alien codes are triggering in my Ellie Crystal experience in physical reality. The December 21, 2012 prophecy, like everything else, is another numeric trigger for me, one of many. It speaks of closure, and for those who are encoded to that end, the message is delivered with ongoing synchronicities.

We come to the Ancient Alien series played out now to explain who and what we are and why we are here. The information was timed to this end, along with the age of technology to help those who are encoded to remember. For some it's about making a global difference, for others it's about working on their issues. The messages will come to everyone and you will decide where you belong and how you will play things out based on your programming to do so, also linked to the 11:11 code. Remember the Ancient Mystery School Teachings which many of you created and came here to play out in time.

Getting Your Powers Back

Do you ever feel like you've lost your powers, like Clark Kent when he gets too close to Kryptonite? Can you empathize with him? Superman as we know was an alien whose real named was Kal-El from the house of El. His father was Jor-El and his uncle Zorel, one of the characters I created in Crystalinks when it began. Superheroes are born with powers or along the way something triggers their abilities.

You have to wonder why so many of us feel we've been abandoned down here, without what seems like our normal powers, wondering when we will be rescued and get them back. My friend Ron and I talk about this all the time and I tell him that our DNA is not encoded for higher abilities, and as far as having a device, it would have to come from aliens. Remember it is aliens and inserts in the hologram that advanced our technology in the 20th century to prepare us for closure.

According to ancient alien theory, we were created by aliens who possess powers, either genetic or using devices, to create everything we believe is real. Part of their DNA is encoded within humanity, which explains why so many of us remember not being from here. We are all created from the collective unconsciousness which seems light years away, as we play out roles in all sorts of programs.

When I think about my powers, there are no devices, just consciousness. What I have always missed most is teleportation and flight. It has always felt strange to be a biped entity limited by the forces of gravity, space and time, but that is all about to change.

January 20 - February 18, 2012

Sun in Aquarius

Happy Birthday to the Aquarius Readers!

Alpha and Omega - Beginning and End - Above and Below

January 21, 2012

New Moon 2° Aquarius

The motions of time are ending.

Close your eyes.

Watch the hands of a clock move from 11:55 - 12:00.

What do you see?

January 23, 2012 - February 9, 2013

Chinese New Year - Year of the Water Dragon