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As is Above

So is Below


Reality is the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time. It is a process your consciousness is moving through, as it accelerates your soul's development to a zero point of golden light, where all is understood.

Physical science, as we tend to understand it, is merging with science fiction - physics and quantum physics - higher and lower consciousness - above and below.

Tuesday September 24, 2007

Part 1 of the Eureka season finale was called All That Glitters. It dealt with many related topics, soon to be pieced together. The focus was on a mysterious artifact, referred to as an akashic record - a zero-point subspace nexus for all the knowledge of the universe. The Artifact was created in the universe preceding the Big Bang, to serve as an antennae for the Akashic Records. After the crucible of the Big Bang, the Artifact's unique nature protected it, and it somehow landed on Earth, and was buried for millions upon millions of years.

This description reminds me of the metal artifact left on Earth by the alien Grays in the TV miniseries, Taken. That artifact monitored and recorded the biogenetic experiment here on Earth. It eventually disappeared in a blast of light when Allie went off to find her destiny.

The Artifact on Eureka is a creational source of consciousness light and energy which can interface with humans, altering their brain chemistry to higher evolution, or destroy them if they cannot handle the energy flow. (metaphors) Is humanity ready to ascend? Are you? Getting closer?

Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson from SG1) plays an alchemist, Christopher Dactylos, who has great lines about alchemy through the ages.

In Season 10 of Stargate SG1, Daniel Jackson's consciousness merged with that of Merlin, using a devise created by the Ancients, in a segment called The Quest. His role as Dactylos the alchemist, reminds me of his portrayal of Merlin. Ah ... the many roles we all play in the little dramas created at this level.

When all goes wrong in 'All That Glitters', Dactylos talks about an Alchemist's Curse, a metal-based plague that tricks its maker into believing he has succeeded in creating gold, only to betray the maker by mutating into progressively more dangerous forms. This appears to be tied to the artifact's field. It will be interesting to see how everything is tied together in the final episode ...

A Night At Global Dynamics

Reality always seems to create a symmetry between my blogs and other story lines that surface at the same time. It's fun discovering connections in the grid which are key to its messages.

For example, Christopher Dactylos created a statue of Pythagoras (the father of numbers), for the Eureka town square. When it turns to gold, the quest begins. Saturday I read a woman of Greek ancestry whose deceased grandfather, Pythagoras, came to chat.

My clients and I have been experiencing a lot of 'spirit tappings' here, in the different areas of the room where I do my readings which often include mediumship. I wish spirits would manifest for my clients ... in the future perhaps. No one is afraid, actually they are more of a confirmation of messages brought. Of course we have the usual cool breezes and fragrances, et., but the tappings are give cool a new definition.

Tuesday, when we first met Christopher Dactylos in his above ground laboratory, (he has a secret lab in his basement), he is working on an artifact for a Museum in Prague ... Faster than a speeding bullet ...

Wednesday, the next day, I read a man named Petr who lives in Prague and is Czech. He's 42, a Libra and like most people stuck in the business world, is evolving out of the box. Isn't it interesting that some souls rush right into metaphysics and can't get enough, sensing the upcoming tsunami of consciousness, while others are not programmed to get it at all. As with most people who come to Crystalinks, they need spiritual nourishment, knowing the rest of the program borderlines on senselessness. In the quest for greater healing and energy, one develops an overwhelming desire to heal, teach or help others to that end ... a chain reaction. Global consciousness is about finding the 'mission', generally expressed in some form of creativity. Petr would like to find others of like mind. He is level 2 Reiki and has studied with the Monroe Institute.

Over in Prague on that day we found this story

Czechs get chance to view rare medieval manuscript

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