Alchemy - Science and Pseudoscience

The study of alchemy is not just about turning lead (base into gold) but the return to consciousness in the alchemy of time.

The Alchemy of Time and Consciousness

Those of us who quest for truth through the alchemy of time and consciousness, are the modern-day alchemists. They seek truth and ancient wisdom brought forth in today's reality through the language of symbols to come manifest into conscious thought. We are going through the alchemy of time and consciousness as we return to our natural state of light. We are currently going through a merge on many levels of body, mind and soul. This is linked to the ancient teachings of alchemy as a transformation from one reality to another where one finds 'eternal life'. The Alchemist is the Wizard - He who helps us transform.

Part of this alchemical experience links with seeing double digits such as 11:11 which trigger this change in our DNA cellular codings. 11 is the double helix - activation of DNA - evolution of consciousness.

Ancient alchemists searched for the Philosophers Stone and the Water of Life. The Philosopher's Stone Originally the stone was believed to be the chemical that changed base metals into silver or gold, often it was termed the Power of Projection. We are projected illusion in a virtual reality program.

Alchemists sought the knowledge of creation - through the sciences of chemistry and metallurgy. These alchemists sought the ancient wisdom of the mystery schools teachings - handed down originally from the Isis and Thoth Mystery Schools knowledge of creation by Sacred Geometry, a code through which all is created.

Alchemists were often magicians - Magic - Mag[net]ics. Through the use of metals that alchemists hoped would duplicate that which was the rods used by the Gods and Goddesses who can manipulate the program. It is al part of the experiment of our reality.

Gold is a metaphor for the alchemy of consciousness through time. It is linked with blood, bloodlines, creation and the flow of the continuum or collective unconsciousness. The Sumerian creational story is about Gods who came to Earth in search of Gold to sustain their life; gods who would return every 3,600 years. (12X3=36) These are all metaphors for creational geometry as they all follow the same encoded blueprint.

The Seed of Gold, or Seed of Life was to be extracted to form the Stone, according to "Eirenaeus Philalethes". It was known as the Soul of the World and the Spirit of Truth, to be comprehended only with the aid of the Holy Ghost. It was known not only as a transmuting agent but also as a source of wisdom and of healing. Eventually the Philosopher's Stone was thought to signify the force behind the evolution of life and the universal binding power which unites minds and souls in a human Oneness. Finally, it represented the purity and sanctity of the highest realm of pure thought and altruistic existence.

The Philosopher's Stone - the White Stone by the River - The Sword in the Stone - The Emerald Tablets - are all the same - metaphors which contain the knowledge of creation - a symbol that represents the final outcome of man's inner transformation, of the conversion of the base metal of his outer character to the golden properties of his higher self through the alchemy of time and consciousness.

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