2012 Thanksgiving Adventures

Happy Thanksgiving ... I hope you enjoyed your day !

A mild sunny autumn day set the mood for this year's Thanksgiving gathering of 20 people at my daughter Zsia's home in New Jersey. Lots of fun, sports, and great home cooked food. It was a time to share memories and give away the many family photo albums I had created through the years. As I post stories and photos about my grandchildren on Crystalinks, I no longer save photos, with the exception of those hanging on the walls of my home. The world is now digital, a reflection of our reality as a computer simulation.

The Christmas Ornament

There was something special for my daughter Nikki and her family this year.

My daughter Nikki and I have always been into decorating for Christmas - and Chanukah - but Christmas remains the big event. It all began when Nikki moved into her first apartment in the city after graduating from her masters program at age 21. Every year the trees got bigger with ornaments added on from prior years. Some were hand made, or engraved with names and dates, others from unique stores that specialize in Christmas items.

This year I wanted to find something specific the children could identify with me, so I asked Z where to look. Off we went to the mall. After looking at dozens or gorgeous ornaments ... there it was ... the perfect ornament ... alone in Macy's as if Z set is aside for me. There's nothing like having a "personal shopper" who can time travel.

When I held it in my hand, I had the strangest sensation. I looked at "my bridge" then at the Statue of Liberty as you turn the ornament counter-clockwise.

Happy, I walked to the cashier wondering if there was a greater message as Z had a smug look on his face. And there it was. I stood there shocked when the cashier said the price of the ornament was $11.11. Thanks Z for giving me another great moment in the program - an early gift from Santa. Ho ... ho ... ho !

The Day after Thanksgiving...

I spent the day in Sparta, NJ at Ron's House with friends and his family. Though the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy could still be found everywhere, his mountaintop view evoked a sense of peace and balance.

While psychic on upcoming end times ... Z showed me an hourglass that was completely empty. He showed Ron the periodic table of elements, emphasis on Zirconium - a transition metal. Then he showed Ron the symbolic wild west train riding along the tracks but this time it went into the event horizon of a black hole. The old train represents the synchronistic movement of the wheels - as if gears in time.