July 1- 4, 2013

Wake-up Dream - Meeting of the Minds
Ellie's Temporal Experiences 3 - The Shimmy in the Elevator - "Fringe Moments"
Ellie's Temporal Experiences 4 - The Smell of Something Burning
Ellie's Temporal Experiences 5 - Life is an Amusement Park - House of Mirrors - Return to Coney Island
July 4, 2013 - Photos Around the City

Ellie's Temporal Experiences Part 1 - The Void in the Elevator
Ellie's Temporal Experiences Part 2 - The Laundry Room Incident

Meeting of the Minds

Wake-up Dream

July 1-4 is not only the doorway for Sarah and Alexander but there does exist a portal to higher knowledge above and below. There is a connection to the Masonic Program (reality) in which we experience, the Roswell UFO incident on (7/7) July 7, 1947, and how we have played our games here from beginning to end. Roswell = Rose Bloodline (our biogenetic experiment) and "well" or water .... the flow of the collective unconsciousness. Think about the July 4th films that usually depict extraterrestrial visitation highlighted with Independence Day my personal favorite.

It is not by accident the Roswell Incident occurred shortly after the end of WW II in 1945, with Nazi advanced research into time travel, biogenetic experiments to create an Aryan (Atlantean) Race, and other esoteric studies to recreate Man into Superman. Development of this idea goes back to 1883-85 when Friedrich Nietzsche wrote Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Z), introducing the concept of Ubermensch - German for "Overman, Overhuman, Above-Human, Superman, Super-human" - as a goal for humanity. "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" was the music theme for Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Reality, as you know, shifted into its final chapter with the 9/11/2001 insert.

Monday July 1, 2013

In my wake-up dream I was in an alien lab - for lack of a better term - listening to others talk about human biogenetic experiments from the beginning. Much like an episode from the TV series Ancient Aliens - they were discussing the next level of human consciousness.

I saw children born with photographic memories, their minds programmed far differently than in prior experiments (generations) with higher cognitive skills and athletic abilities. Something made me think about the increasing number of autistic and Aspergers Syndrome children born since 1998. In the dream I understood the correlation.

I watched what they were doing, feeling myself an observer, perhaps unseen, when suddenly they turned to me and asked for my input as if I was part of the creation of the experiment. Stunned, my mind registering them as a collage of familiar science fiction alien faces linked throughout history with biogenetic experiments.

I experienced fear as if caught with my hand in the cookie jar ... but as I gazed upon them ... emotion faded as their true essence came to light followed by something I could only call ... my consciousness being "turned on" to understand who I am and why I was there.

I moved closer becoming part of something that I had always been part of ... endless experiments on many levels ... that could evolve or end now. I recognized why I was there ... to present my argument for closure of the hologram ... and was warmly greeted.

The next thing I remember is my consciousness falling back into my Ellie physical body, knowing the experiments had come to an end and the souls would be free.

If you are wondering if I saw Z ... Zarathrustra ...not as an individual soul but I had a sense of him as part of this "collective unconsciousness" who were moving on to something far greater than anything we could ever imagine.

Ellie's Temporal Experiences Part 3

The Shimmy in the Elevator

Tuesday July 2, 2013

As the sun briefly broke through the clouds around 3:00 PM, I was guided to take a drive. I walked down the hall and pushed the elevator button watching as the elevator on the left arrived on the 6th floor. As I entered the elevator, I experienced a physical shimmy that I later equated with the special effects on the TV series Fringe as a marker for viewers that events moved from one reality to another. The effect was first seen on Fringe at the end of season 1 with Olivia in the elevator in an episode called There's More Than One of Everything. The episode ends with Olivia transported to a parallel reality where the Twins Towers, in lower Manhattan still exist. Pan out ... We see Olivia looking out of a window in Tower 2 after meeting William Bell (Leonard Nimoy). Fade to Black.

In seasons 2-5 on Fringe - Liberty Island hosted a portal between realities.

I physically saw the shimmy, entered the elevator, but nothing happened, that I am aware of. It descended to the basement, where I got in my car and drove off. Once outside, I was guided to drive to the 69th Street Pier not far from here. Amazingly I got a parking spot just across from the pier. As I walked along the pier, I noticed One World Trade Center that replaced The Twin Towers, so I took a few pictures with my cell phone. I spend the next few hours talking to several people on the pier then left around 6:00.

As I walked to my car, there was another white 2012 Lexus RX 350 exactly like it "parallel" parked either in front or behind my car, as it was hard to tell as I crossed the street. I know my license plate numbers but decided to use my key alarm ... pushing the button ... after which my car welcomed me. It was all quite funny, but later, in retrospect I realized there might have been a greater message about parallel realities. I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of the cars but it didn't seem important at the time.

Ellie's Temporal Experiences 4

The Smell of Something Burning

Wednesday July 3, 2013

In the afternoon I walked down the hall to the elevators. Thoughts about another temporal experience were not in my mind as I pushed the elevator button, the doors to the left elevator opened, I got in, and the doors closed. Suddenly I smelled something burning. The smell was so strong I got scared and got off on the 5th floor wondering if something was wrong with the elevator or if there was a fire in one of the apartments. This was way too pungent to be the smell of cigarette smoke or weed, in case you were wondering, besides, no one smokes in the elevators in my building. Once on the 5th floor the smell was gone - no fire anywhere. I waited to be sure all was safe, then took the right elevator to the basement. I can't prove it, but I think this was connected to yesterday's experience and the events of 9/11. The same smell would linger through my apartment when one or more of the spirits who died that day would visit.

Sometimes realities merge without anyone being aware.

Ellie's Temporal Experiences 5

Life is an Amusement Park ... a House of Mirrors

On February 12, 2009 - my friend George and I had a "Fringe" Experience in Coney Island which began at Lunar Park where an episode of the TV series had recently been filmed. The Astro Tower in Lunar Park made the news Tuesday after it began to sway - making it unsafe.

Thursday July 4, 2013

The symbolic Statue of Liberty reopened for the first time since Hurricane Sandy last October. It was also closed after 9/11. Though the island reopened at the end of 2001, the pedestal and statue remained off-limits until July 4, 2009.

Lunar Park reopened today after the top of the Astro Tower was removed, allowing throngs of visitor to enjoy the rides, food, a day at the beach, and other fun times. Coney Island was now back after Hurricane Sandy destroyed a large part of the recreation area.

Today my friend Anna and I went to Coney Island slowly driving around to see the sights as there was no where to park ... pausing briefly in front of the building I grew up in on West 22 Street and Surf Avenue. We were mostly interested in the energies, which were totally different than in the past.

We never considered that we had shifted to a parallel reality until I drove back to Bay Ridge. Anna lives in the next building, her apartment also facing the Verrazano Bridge which we agreed is the focus of the energies we connect with. Driving home I noticed that the mirror on the driver's door had shifted position from our trip to Coney Island. We never left the car, no one had bumped against the mirror or moved it. It can only be adjusted by the driver from inside the car ... and I never touched it. On the way home mirror was turned outward and upward towards Coney Island, perhaps calling attention to the fact that we were in a mirror reflection of a former reality as Coney Island felt so different. Another message could be ... "Coney Island is your past ... what remains is up and out."

July 4, 2013

The Statue of Liberty Reopens

The Empire State Building Light Show during Macy's Fireworks Extravaganza

Coney Island Parachute Jump

New World Trade Center