Coronal Mass Ejection - Image from

Luckily it wasn't headed towards Earth as in Knowing.

Magnetic fields on the sun's northeastern limb erupted around 17:45 UT on
April 16th, producing one of the most visually-spectacular explosions in years.

The Starchild in 2012

Sequence Dreams of New Beginnings

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Monday April 16, 2012

I was sound asleep early this morning when suddenly the black shiny eyes of a gray alien appeared. This is not unusual as they have always been telepathic messengers for me. In my dream I was seated at my computer and had just completed uploading my final file. I gazed into the black eyes, as if a mirror reflection. With that everything began to shake (like an earthquake) so much so I felt the vibrations in my physical body... waking me up. For half a second a thought there might be an earthquake in this physical reality that I had incorporate into my dream, but all was calm. I scrambled to wake up enough to make notes about the dream. When returning to sleep I glanced over at the clock: 4:27. And with that I fell back to sleep. I remember the dream continuing as if a sequence dream, where I floated up into the dark night sky and saw forever. My consciousness felt free - I could go anywhere and do anything. This is who I am.

Back at the computer this morning I started with the usual 3 space images I post every morning - Astronomy Picture of the Day, Spaceweather, and Thunderbolts - in that order. As I got to Thunderbolts, I was stunned to find the sun depicted in pink erupting with solar flares looking like sperm and egg - which immediately look me to Z, Zoroaster, Zarathuasta, the journey of humanity in time, and the Starchild or new beginning. I searched my "2001 Space Odyssey" folder and found the starchild in pink waiting to be released (posted).

This took me to the alchemy of time and consciousness the files now updated. There are many modern-day alchemists such as Stanley Kubrick - Arthur C. Clarke - Friedrich Nietzsche - as well as yourself if you understand the nature of reality.

Thus Spoke Zarathrustra

The Black Sphere and the Sun   Thunderbolts - April 16, 2012

Interpretation 2001 A Space Odyssey

Bob McClay's Rolling Stone review notes a parallelism between the monolith's first appearance in which tool usage is imparted to the apes (thus 'beginning' mankind) and the completion of "another evolution" in the fourth and final encounter with the monolith. In a similar vein, Tim Dirks ends his synopsis saying "The cyclical evolution from ape to man to spaceman to angel-starchild-superman is complete".

Once upon a 'time' ....

April 16-26, 2012


  Lyrid Meteor Showers   YouTube

The Lyrids are a strong meteor shower observed for the past 2,600 years.

The Art of Deception

Aztec Two-Headed Serpent God Quetzalcoatl

"Two Headed" Sea Serpents Fool Attackers
National Geographic - August 6, 2009

Some sea snake species have evolved so predators
can't tell whether the serpents are coming or going.

It's all about the art of deception ... and in the end ...

April 16, 1889 - December 25, 1977

Charlie Chaplin

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Charlie Chaplin: actor, writer, director, producer, Filmography

In the end, everything is a gag.

Charlie Chaplin Quotes 1

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The Great Deception

April 16, 1927

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI is the 265th and
reigning Pope elected on April 19, 2005.

Society and public institutions must rediscover their soul,

and their moral and spiritual roots.

Pope Benedict XVI (2011)

April 16, 1921 - March 28, 2004

Peter Ustinov

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Sir Peter Alexander Ustinov was an award winning English actor, writer, dramatist,
and raconteur of French, Italian, Swiss, Russian and Ethiopian ancestry. Filmography

There is no question but that if Jesus Christ, or a great prophet from another religion,
were to come back today, he would find it virtually impossible to convince anyone of
of his credentials despite the fact that the vast evangelical machine on American
television is predicated on His imminent return among us sinners.

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