Reverie ~ Dreams, Illusions, and Perspectives

Thursday May 31, 2018

Reverie can be defined as a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream or illusion if you will in which the circuits in your brain translate that which the eye observes into a platform of seemingly physical reality experiences.

Can you tell the difference between reality and a dreamscape? The TV series Reverie features actress Sarah Shahi as former hostage negotiator Mara Kint an expert on human behavior. She takes a job saving people whose minds are lost in an advanced virtual-reality simulation called Reverie. Is this a mirror reflection of what is going on in what we believe is our true reality?

As a therapist and psychic "Reverie" connected on some levels as an awakening tool for human consciousness to think outside the box (physical reality). Most of you have studied this aspect of human behavior or read about it somewhere along the way. It's about the workings of the conscious, unconscious, and subconscious minds and how they process the symbolism and experiences of what's going on around them that they believe is real. Reality is created by algorithms meaning it consists of patterns some of which are obvious but most of which are not - all of which control what we think, say, and do. Humans react to stimuli based on their DNA program codes.

Are you an observer of human behavior? You may be more proficient at it than you are aware. When we watch TV we are observing characters and listening to programmed dialogue. Did you ever think that you might also be reading their lips because outside of the TV box - in this reality - you could be experiencing some sort of auditory - or other sensory loss - and not be aware? The brain is a busy organ which is forever seeking ways to take in and process that which is happening internally and externally. It adapts. It focuses. It processes. It learns by experience. It continues to work, hopefully until the end.

Developing observational skills as mentioned on "Reverie" ... Only 7% of our communication is based on what we say, 38% comes from the tones of the speaker, and 55% from body language. I always record in-person readings for clients because it's not only what I am guided to say but the way I say it (emotional feedback).

About eye contact in today's world of tech ... Is there too much? not enough? Why do many learning challenged people, such as those with autism, fail to make direct eye contact?

Eye direction ... When communicating ... Eyes shifting to the left signals that person is trying to remember something. Eyes shifting to the right signals creative thinking or sometimes deception.

Let's talk about people's expressions and eye movements when they are thinking or psyching on something. To receive telepathic messages often involves a change in facial expression with the eyes looking either somewhat upward, to the left, right, or ahead. When I connect, called clairaudience or thought dialoguing, I tend to look in the direction the source the information is coming from. Always follow the source. If it's a spirit I will look in their direction. If it is Z I will just look straight ahead as I don't need to identify his frequency signature with information given. Other people have their own ways of receiving messages as they go from experience to experience. Some call this intuition - a form of connecting to that which is not in our physical reality or time stream.

Many people have told me the spirit guides they worked with in the past are gone. As we evolve, this will be, the case. You won't need spirits, spirit guides, angels, aliens, religious icons, or anyone/anything else. You will be directly plugged in and do it yourself.

In "Reverie" emphasis was placed on the fact that our tech devices, mainly phones, cause humans to detach from our empathic abilities. Is that a bad thing? Our reality is based on the exploration and experience of emotions based on human design. Would becoming less emotional as a race overlap into artificial intelligence and other virtual reality constructs?

Emotions ground humans in physical reality/dramas when most of the time they are trying to meditate - or go to alternate states of consciousness - to move beyond all of that. As we evolve beyond the human experiment we believe we are going to exist in positive emotions - love and light - but that is not the case. Emotions are the physical playground. Once we go beyond they become deleted. That may have a negative reaction in your thinking now, but in the long term you will understand.

We came. We saw. We experienced. Sometimes we conquered the games of emotions.

Like most of you we are viewing reality in its current form as some sort of wake up experience based on the nonsensical events that play out right before our eyes. We believe the world to be going crazier each day, events shaping that as truth. It doesn't feel like there's much left as the surreal nature of what is occurring shows itself to be nothing more than an illusion of mind.

If this is indeed a dream or illusion in which you and I are simultaneously experiencing - would you like someone to come along and wake us up thus ending the simulated experience?

At the conclusion of episode 1 of "Reverie" it was clear that placing someone in a simulation is a mistake, often resulting in confusion and detachment from true reality. Other TV shows, films, and literature, reflect the need to pass on this type of virtual reality experience. Can we say the same for that which you and I are experiencing as you read this?

As memory serves, to end this realty prematurely creates endless time loops. The conclusion is to wait and allow the algorithm to play out then fade to black.

Do you remember years ago when I wrote a blog where I told readers to close their eyes and have somebody whisper their name followed by the words "Wake Up". For example ... someone saying to me, "Ellie ... wake up. [Pause] Wake up Ellie." As we approach the end of this reality experience I sometimes pause as if in virtual reality chamber, and hear someone out there calling to me, "Wake up Ellie." I sense it won't be long (in the) Now ...

As is above

So is below

Do you remember the dreamscapes in the 2010 film Inception? It featured a spinning top that spins indefinitely in a dream world but falls over in reality. An online ad about a spinning top appeared on every website I opened Wednesday. Yes ... I get it ... we are in virtual reality. If I close my eyes and watch the top spin, it keeps spinning but at a 10° angle to the left. Not sure why that is. Could it be the spinner is about to topple over?