Reality TV - Donald Trump and the Debate Before the Iowa Caucuses

January 29, 2016

No matter how the presidential race turns out, we will all remember 2016 the year of Donald Trump. What was to be the usual establishment race to the White House ... along came Donald Trump and a few others to wake us up and bring hope for change. Well played. Yes Donald is an insert in the hologram - often misdirecting and misdirected - but definitely taking us in a new direction. It's what we sense, it's what we want, and it's what's coming big time - more than he knows. Is Donald Trump being played like other elected officials? We hope not but as we know - even as president - he will not run the world - but will definitely shake things up and hopefully show us the truth as things wind down.

  Who won the ratings race: Fox News or Donald Trump?   CNN - January 29, 2016
Donald Trump's counter-programming stunt succeeded in stealing viewers from Fox News' Republican presidential debate. Thursday night marked the second lowest rated GOP debate of the season. And Trump was the most-talked-about candidate without even being there.

Thursday night I recorded several different show switching back and forth to see which was the most entertaining. The Blacklist didn't do it for me as I fast forwarded the episode stopping at points of interest along the way. Every once in a while they have a show that is what I call "dark" so I don't watch most of it. That made it easier for me to go to CNN and follow the Donald Trump reality show occasionally switching to the Republican presidential debate on FOX - the same-old same-old with some humorous comments about Donald Trump but basically boring. At various points later in Trump's event - CNN showed clips from the ongoing GOP debate - as well as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigning last night - along with commentary by others in the CNN newsroom.

The Donald Trump grand old party was pull together in a matter of roughly 24 hours and played like a staged move by him and others - totally contrived to upstage his opponents. I was surprised to see Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum standing with Trump - but allegedly it wasn't about endorsing Trump as raising money for war veterans - or so they all said. Half the fun of watching events like this is picking through the lies and finding the underlining truths if that's possible. The game of politics is so corrupt it's hard to know who's kissing up to who and what their end games are.

It's like we have all wandered into Donald Trump's insert in the hologram - having fun observing, commenting, criticizing, and vicariously experiencing. As always there something greater going on here - some Master Plan that brings it all home. Yup! In end times the unexpected rules.

  State Department will not release 22 'top secret' Clinton emails   CNN - January 29, 2016
The State Department announced Friday that it will not release 22 emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton because they contain "top secret" information, the highest level of government classification.

The Democrats - no one wants Hillary Clinton based on her criminal past and the fact that she's establishment. Slowly but surely Bernie Sanders is gaining ground. I like what he has to say - and yet still feel - even though he's a little older than me - and like me says he's in good health - he's too old to run for president. Yet weird things are happening in this election year so good luck Bernie from a Jewish girl from your old hometown of Brooklyn.

Though I know he can't win - I'd love to see Mike Bloomberg (Aquarius, turns 74 on Valentine's Day) get into the race. He said he will run if Bernie Sanders (Virgo, 74) wins the nomination ... two old Jews and two billionaires ... up against each other in the presidential race. More fun. Donald Trump - turning 70 in June (Gemini) - will be the youngest candidate in the room. It's really not about age or health at the start - but who can survive under the pressure. I also think Hillary is too old and Bill looks and sounds like his days are numbered.

Stayed tuned for the next chapter in Aquarius ... ah yes ... the unexpected.

As if this was not enough, I also recorded "Lip Synch Battle".
Josh Gad won by channeling Donald Trump singing "I Touch Myself".

Josh Gad makes Lip Sync Battle great again as he channels Donald Trump
in outrageous performance that ends with Johnny Galecki make-out session

  Daily Mail - January 29, 2016