Purple Skies

Grand Canyon Star Trails   NASA - March 3, 2013

The Grand Canyon Crystalinks


Connections - 3.1.13

3.1.13 = 8 = Fibonacci Numbers

Friday night I was guided to post this image as my banner on Facebook. I added the text. My face automatically appears lower left.

We connect the dots in the grids of our experience to understand our "mission" at any given point on the timelines. It's all about the algorithms and the design.

As far back as I can remember, I see a tunnel linked to the time travel experiments in WWII Germany at Stuttgart, where I worked as a physicist. In this timeline, I've met others who share the same memories of the lab experiments, linking them with an off-world presence. What it means is that we are conscious of shared experiences in that grid and await a conclusion to something that links everything together and to the closure of the hologram. In 2005 I visited Stuttgart and also incorporated it into my book 2012 Sarah and Alexander. There is a link between the WWII Nazi grid program and all of history as we know it.

The video below is probably a hoax or double exposure, yet awakens and connects for me. It is reminiscent of the WWII Germany foo fighters - stirring something in my soul as if another marker. I found the video when it was emailed by a friend on Facebook. I posted it here for anyone who shares my experience.

When you have time, Google "Quarten, Switzerland Ghost"

All of the videos are about a road and a tunnel. Got it!

Watch the video

Friday night on Touch the key code was "8877" the episode called "Eye to Eye" which takes us to Eye Symbolism. I usually don't pay attention to the weekly numeric code, but this morning I was drawn to google the numbers. What came up immediately was 8877 Quarten, Switzerland (video above) (47° 6' N - 9° 14' E) which is not far from Stuttgart (48° 46' N - 9° 10' E). More interesting was the video which depicts what could be a male and female aliens (gods) hovering in the sky. It looks fake but connects for me.

The video posted below features The X-Files theme music, which is funny after
watching actor David Duchovny twice this week -- on The Tonight Show and on Extra.

The tunnel begins at Mile (or Motorway) 80 seen at 2:00.
It's interesting that the male and female who were above
are waiting at the other side of the tunnel, but are below.

Each episode of "Touch" begins and ends with a message from Jake, which reminds me of Ally in the miniseries Taken. This week Jake said,

"Touch" is about the 36. Germany is about the 36 -- 36 Around 1 -- 12 creational forces experiencing in physical reality -- 12 x 3=36. 36=3+6=9=endings

In "Sarah and Alexander", Marie de Marchand is a former French opera singer who lived during the time of Hitler and his regime. When Sarah meets Marie in 2012, she an old lady seen in her chateau listening to a vinyl record whose unusual harmonics will change the course of destiny. She has apparently been waiting for Sarah ... knowing she would come on this day.

Vinyl Records

It seems vinyl records are making a come back. I noticed several stores that featured vinyl when I was in Nashville two weeks ago. I had a great collection of collection of original vinyls that were lost when my father moved from NY to Florida in the 1970's. In recent years, when I went to the post office to mail my books, I met Charlie, another Aquarian, also in his 60's, who was always shipping endless packages containing vinyl records. Charlie owned a record store, Vinylmania Records, in the city, from 1978-2007, sold it and is making a good living selling vinyl records through amazon and ebay. He has now moved back to the city, where he's still selling vinyl records.