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March 30, 2014

New Moon 9° Aries

March 2014 - Jay Z, Beyonce, and daughter Blue Ivy, 2

Black Dog Syndrome

Black dog syndrome is a disputed phenomenon in which black dogs are passed over for adoption in favor of lighter-colored animals. Animal shelters often use the term BBD, or big black dog, to describe the type of larger dark-colored mixed-breed said to be typically passed over by adopters.

Kate, William, Prince George, and their black cocker spaniel, Lupo.

Official photograph: Prince George at eight months   BBC - March 30, 2014

Baby Humor

Hello ladies ... Did you read Ellie's World today?

We're reading it now. I like the pictures of the babies best. The rest is scary.

I'd rather read Playboy.

I think they should let sleeping dogs lie.

Hologram: Black Hole: Souls spiral into grids to experience

Fractured grids create fractured souls which takes us to autism -

awareness from another perspective.

April 2, 2014

World Autism Awareness Day

As a former teacher who worked with autistic students - the increase in the number of souls born into the autistic spectrum is alarming - the definition of autism, evolving. These numbers started increasing in 1998. Many children born in that window are now at puberty and the hormonal issues that creates.

We also have to look at children born with aspergers syndrome - genetically based and another variation from what we formally considered the norm. Aspergers behavior may be part of many adults who either believe it's OCD or don't recognized their rigid behavior patterns as part of a recognized spectrum of behavior.

There is also an awareness, especially in boys, of an increase in ADD or perhaps just a greater awareness now of hyperactivity and brain functioning. Most children with ADD have at least one parent who falls under the same heading.

The educational needs of students, definitely needs to evolve along with current research in all areas of education. Children diagnosed early on, are often able to mainstream by age 5, though some symptoms and behavior patterns may remain. Current problems of obesity and bullying in children can also be linked to any of the spectrums above.

Everything is about the brain and conscious awareness, manifested by one's genetic codes to experience in physical reality. We tend to believe that no matter what obstacles we face in life, they will be bred out of the next generation. That is so not true.

  CDC: 1 in 68 U.S. children has autism   CNN - March 28, 2014
One in 68 U.S. children has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a 30% increase from 1 in 88 two years ago, according to a new report released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The incidence of autism ranged from a low of 1 in 175 children in Alabama to a high of 1 in 45 in New Jersey, according to the CDC. Children with autism continue to be overwhelmingly male. According to the new report, the CDC estimates 1 in 42 boys has autism, 4.5 times as many as girls (1 in 189).

Autism 'begins long before birth'   BBC - March 27, 2014
Scientists say they have new evidence that autism begins in the womb. Patchy changes in the developing brain long before birth may cause symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), research suggests. US scientists analyzed post-mortem brain tissue of 22 children with and without autism, all between two and 15 years of age. They used genetic markers to look at how the outermost part of the brain, the cortex, wired up and formed layers. Abnormalities were found in 90% of the children with autism compared with only about 10% of children without. The changes were dotted about in brain regions involved in social and emotional communication, and language, long before birth, they say.

New clue to autism found inside brain cells   PhysOrg - March 26, 2014
The problems people with autism have with memory formation, higher-level thinking and social interactions may be partially attributable to the activity of receptors inside brain cells.