Nickelodeon's 28th Annual Kids' Choice Awards

Monday March 30, 2015

My daughter Nikki was an account executive at Viacom - which includes Nickelodeon - before moving to the Food Network. She left because there was simply too much pressure. Still and all a great camaraderie developed between Nikki and her co-workers who continue to text, talk, and meet.

Friday afternoon, some of the executives at Viacom flew out from NYC to LA for the Nickelodeon awards. Among them was Nikki's close friend Alec who was traveling with his 9 year old daughter. Shortly after the plane left JFK, Alec, 44, had a heart attack. The plane was diverted to Buffalo, but it was too late. Alec, part of a growing trend for men his age, died. One can assume it was from the pressures of corporate life as he wasn't sick. It certainly rocked the worlds of Nikki and her friends who still work there. Last year she had been offered a job there again, but had declined. My heart always goes out to the children. Imagine how his daughter felt when all of this was going on?

Saturday at the award show ... Angelina took the stage and delivered a message of hope to anyone who's ever felt out of place. Angie - once again making a difference - said, "Different is good". She attended the show with her daughters, Zahara, 10 and Shiloh, 9 in May. She hugged them before she went to the stage to accept the favorite villain award for her role as Maleficent in the live-action reimagining of "Sleeping Beauty."

"When I was little, like Maleficent, I was told that I was different, and I felt out of place -- too loud, too full of fire, never good at sitting still, never good at fitting in. Then one day I realized something, something that I hope you all realize: 'Different is good'. As your villain, I would also say cause a little trouble - it's good for you. So, don't fit in. Don't sit still. Don't ever try to do less than you are. When somebody tells you you're different, smile and hold your head up high and be proud."

When we say, "Different is good" that may or may not always be the case, as being different creates issues with family and friends that some people are not equipped to deal with. The fight for acceptance has caused much damage but has created lots of success as humans play out their programmed roles. That which is the norm today, will change. There are things we can accept in others, and things we can't and never will - mostly their emotional issues that create stress in us. Know yourself and try to be tolerant. If someone's differences, energies, and programming do not align with yours, simply move on. Try not to judge. Most of all, don't get involved in their dramas, they will definitely affect your health. It's all changing.

Coney Island Cyclone

I sometimes blog about adventures in Coney island where I spent the first 11 years of my life. Coney Island - with its amusement areas and boardwalk - has also been the back drop of many films and TV series. Sunday the Cyclone, an iconic roller coaster, made the news. Scary stuff to start the season. Metaphors anyone? Dozens rescued from Coney Island roller coaster   BBC - March 30, 2015

iHeart Radio Music Awards

This "heart roller coaster" is a fun segue to another great night of musical entertainment and awards. It's like being at a free concert but you can save the recording and revisit as often as you like.

The second annual iHeart Radio Music Awards took place Sunday night and featured some great performances The winners were ...

From JT: (Justin Temberlake): "I'm here tonight to tell you your critics do not count. Their words will fade. You won't."

From JZ: "The Tides They Are A-Changing" (Shades of the TV series Empire) ... He's building the next big thing and succeeding ... Tidal: Musicians unite behind Jay Z streaming service   BBC - March 30, 2015

From JF: (Jamie Foxx) Outrage over Jamie Foxx's Bruce Jenner joke at iHeartRadio Music Awards   CNN - March 30, 2015

Since social media began, we jump in and judge everything. On one hand we are told to be ourselves and then the judgments hit especially for those with anger, frustration, and have never been heard. Jamie Foxx was making Jenner jokes just like all the other comedians are, so what's up with the criticism? Twitter has indeed become a place to vent and most of the people who do it are idiots. Did you ever read their tweets? Jaime Foxx was funny last night - that's what he does - he's a comedian.

Holidays and Beliefs

The energies this week open the door to holidays and what they mean to different people. We have Easter and Passover at a time many students are on spring break. There will be film and television specials, and talk about the past, present, and future coming full circle based on history and myth ... let's throw in prophecy.

When it comes to religion some people believe - others don't. Some walk away from childhood believes and convert their thinking and often their religious beliefs. Personally I believe religion is myth and often filled with conspiracies and misconceptions to dominate human behavior. If I could, I would delete it from the hologram and tell humans the truth - they are projected illusion in a hologram along with the misconception of gods and alien creators.

Over on the Today Show they will be discussing: "Fate and how it influences our lives" "Do You Believe" and "The Power of Prayer". People believe ... in God, free will, they are here to make a difference, The One, reality continuing, and endless other misconceptions because they are programmed that way.

Is Trevor Noah Thanking God?

Trevor Noah to Replace Jon Stewart as Host of The Daily Show   New York Times- March 30, 2015
In December, Trevor Noah, a 31-year-old comedian, made his debut as an on-air contributor on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, offering his outsider's perspective, as a biracial South African, on the United States. Mr. Noah, who spoke by phone from Dubai, where he is on a leg of a comedy tour, said he had been given a great opportunity, as well as a significant challenge.

When I appeared on The Daily Show in 2005, the topic was "Evolution Schmevolution" - God and Creation. Things certainly have evolved for many people since then, and yet others remain locked into old paradigms. As Angie said, "Different is good." We are all different but created from the same source of consciousness and light.