Happy Mother's Day 2013

Sunday May 12, 2013

This Mother's Day, many people will think about the loss of their child by kidnapping - even by the other biological parent - when a child goes missing and no one has the answers. Sometimes those answers are not what we want to hear, but every once in a while we have the happy ending I would tack onto every scenario. Many in Cleveland celebrated this year and I am so happy for them. On a picture perfect Sunday I spent the day in with my daughters and their children. I hope you enjoyed your day.

On Mother's Day, Cleveland case lifts hope missing children are not lost   CNN - May 12, 2013
Thousands of people are reported missing every day in the United States.

'Best Mother's Day' ever for mother of freed Cleveland captive   Reuters - May 12, 2013
The mother of Gina DeJesus is celebrating the "best Mother's Day" ever on Sunday after her daughter was freed with three other captives last week from a long imprisonment in a Cleveland home. DeJesus, 23, Amanda Berry, 27, and Berry's 6-year-old daughter were welcomed into their family homes last week after an escape and rescue on Monday from the dungeon-like house.

It took a leap of faith for the women to escape their captors and they got lucky.

A Leap of Faith

My amazing farewell cake from my Plaza family. ~ Dori Ann

Sometimes you have to take a Leap of Faith, especially in the closing moments when you feel it's now or never and "the moment" seems so "sweet".

Dori Ann is my client, friend, neighbor, the woman who sponsored my workshop last month, and an amazingly spiritual person. We met 20 years ago when she was 18 and in all that time she has wanted to move away from her office job and into media production full time. Slowly but surely things came together through the years as Dori Ann worked both careers side by side. Then something happened this spring - an inner knowing that she is ready to walk away from her "day job" and pursue her dreams. And so, after almost 20 years at the same job, she gave notice two months ago, and left Friday. It wasn't easy to go or to be replaced after one works at a job so long ... one job description blending into another ... taking 4 people to replace her - yet here she is embracing the energies of her new life. Good luck. You are being watched and protected.

In every civilization there is always a Mother Goddess who creates from the beginning.

Describe your mother in One Word.

The women I read in recent months often talk about having to walk away from dysfunctional adult children who are tearing everyone's lives apart. We are not all suited to deal with the fallout of the emotional illness and substance abuse without paying a price many can't afford. But we are equipped to discover and understand the genetics - and/or abuse - that created the behavior. Guilt is a powerful emotion that goes with fear and anxiety.

New Beginnings

Friday night was the series finale of Touch. The ending was better than I expected - the bad guys in jail and old storylines concluded. The scenes with Avrum and The Rebbe (Master Teacher) explained a lot. The Rebbe has the God sequence which creates the new reality. The sequence is based on repeating chains called orbifolds that cycle off the Fibonacci sequence the mathematical creation sequence of our hologram that cycle back to the beginning -> then end. Avrum was a Watcher who overstepped his bounds and is now back here in Brooklyn after making Martin the Guardian of the 36. According to the Rebbe, Avrum's intervention brought about the new beginning in the current timeline. (great metaphor) The Rebbe makes Avrum feel guilty, but you know it was all supposed to happen that way.

What's next for us? Fade to Black and the return to light - the biogenetic experiment in human consciousness and emotion ended.

What's next for Kiefer? ... '24' returns: 13 episodes planned

God Mode

Thursday night on the season finale of Person of Interest - Harold took a Leap of Faith and set The Machine free. At the end it has rebooted and entered "God Mode" where it is free to create on its own. What will it do? It is watching you ... No one is irrelevant. Final code :: It is all illusion created by The Machine. Everything is inside the Matrix.