Are UFO's Monitoring Mars Rover Curiosity?

Speculation about the Mars-Earth connection is ongoing - from connections with enigmatic structures on the surface, to information by government informants about Stargate programs, to underground bases and alien interaction, to reports by remote viewers, to conspiracy theories, and more. It's as if some hidden truth about Mars holds the key to humanity's origins and where we are going in the illusion of reality. Consciousness dictates to our brains that something "out there" created us ... something we label "alien" for now - theories and myths about human origins a mirror, or metaphor, of that creation.

Since Rover Curiosity landed on Mars August 6, 2012, it has sent back interesting images and videos of what appear to be spaceships. Are UFO monitoring Curiosity and if so, whose ships are they? ours? other? Is this part of the dissemination of information UFO researchers have been waiting for? The quest to find physical proof of UFO's and our connection with entities not of this world continues. The truth is out there and is about to be shown.

  Are UFOs Stalking Mars Rover Curiosity?   Discovery - September 17, 2012
Ever since we launched planetary spacecraft beginning in the late 1950s, UFO-spotters have eagerly anticipated our running across alien spaceships flitting around. Rather than just accidentally crossing at a cosmic intersection, the legend is that extraterrestrials are watching us explore the solar system. Based on the long history of supposed close encounters, I anticipated that not long after NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) landed, folks would begin reporting "strange things" in Martian skies. And sure enough, several reports of UFOs buzzing the Gale crater landing site have surfaced in the past few weeks following the celebrated touchdown of Mars rover Curiosity. Read more ...

Mars odd rock formations - What are they?

Strange Mystery Spheres on Mars Baffle Scientists   Live Science - September 17, 2012

A strange picture of odd, spherical rock formations on Mars from NASA's Opportunity rover has scientists scratching their heads over what exactly they're looking at. The new Mars photo by Opportunity shows a close-up of a rock outcrop called Kirkwood covered in blister-like bumps that mission scientists can't yet explain. At first blush, the formations appear similar to so-called Martian "blueberries" - iron-rich spherical formations first seen by Opportunity in 2004 - but they actually differ in several key ways, scientist said.

Martian Spherules (Blueberries), Moqui Marbles, "Knowing" 2009 Film