March 20, 2014

I think I have a touch of spring fever or March Madness - but not the basketball version. Elimination is the name of the game today - and on International Day of Happiness this is what makes me happy - out with the old and in with the new.

In the past week I bought all new kitchen appliances which led me down the road ... not only to redoing the kitchen ... but all of the other cabinets and closets. It's funny when they ask you to fill out warrantees, or extended warrantees, because I know I'll never need them.

Somewhere along the line I collected a lot of metaphysical "things" that I thought, like most of us often do, I might need one day. All gone ... or given away.

You never know how much you've stuffed into your closets until you start cleaning. It's like updating files on Crystalinks and realizing you need to reorganize and create another directory, because few people will take the time to read the information otherwise.

My first metaphysical teacher, Sue, told the class, "People are either pack rats and save everything - or just throw everything away." I've always been one to throw things away. It's almost like my soul saying, "They will be replaced by something better if needed." Delete !! :)

I think teachers tend to save things, because they feel they may need them for future classes. But now we live in a world that's digital so a laptop, or any other device that will help you make a presentation, is the way to go. It's may sound silly, but I also use my iPad during many of my readings to help clients research what they are looking for, to find photos, look at their websites, and more.

And so the journey continues as we move to March Madness. Place your bets folks ... Noah has 3 brackets and expects to win big ... a major $20 investment for our little guy. Noah is my 8 year old grandson who never misses. One day, if the program continues, he'll play for the NCAA. My take ... let's "shoot for closure".

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NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship

March 20, 2014

Happiness is a new pair of sneakers.

International Day of Happiness

  International Day of Happiness Google Video

The International Day of Happiness is celebrated
throughout the world on 20 March. It was established by
the United Nations General Assembly on 28 June 2012.

Happiness means different things to each
of us and changes as we experience life.

Make someone happy today.

March 20, 2014


Vernal Equinox
Equal hours of Night (Darkness) and Day (light)

March 20, 2014

Sun in Aries

Happy Birthday to the Aries Readers!

March 20, 2013

Nowruz - Persian New Year