Reality is Based on Algorithms

"Estimated Time Of Departure"

Tuesday February 19, 2019

If you watch the TV series Manifest it has to do with Flight 828 disappearing then reappearing 5 years (2,037 days) in the future, you most likely speculated as to what happened to the passengers. The show itself eliminated alien intervention, wormholes, and other things that may explain what happened within the Physics of reality.

In Season One the main characters discover that other people have had similar missing time experiences but for shorter durations.

A bond through synchronicities and telepathic callings connect some of the characters.

A character named Zeke (Ezekiel) had allegedly died in an avalanche December 2017 to return one year later without explanation only that his telepathic connection to Michaela, a female passenger on Flight 828, somehow gave him the will to live. I like this connection on many levels and hope they become a couple. Good chemistry. It's part of what keeps TV series going and for that matter all of what we call our reality in the psychedelic motions of time. Prophet Ezekiel

Another character, Griffin, allegedly drowned after being underwater for 82 hours and 8 minutes (828). 82 hours and 8 minutes after coming back to life, Griffin dies suddenly as water gushes from his mouth. The pieces of the puzzle start to come together creating an algorithm. Griffin

A main character named Ben, Michaela's brother, realizes that Griffin died after the exact amount of time he had been under water. Ben does the math to determine an expiration date for the passengers on Flight 828 if indeed they have one.

In the meantime his daughter Olive, 15, has been working with three symbols trying to figure out how they are all related.

It's a bit of a stretch as Olive uses symbols and comes up with the date June 2, 2024 at the same time her father does the math and comes up with that date. Does that mean part of her family, lost for over five years, will die again on June 2, 2024?

Unresolved: What happened to the passengers on Flight 828 during their missing time? In my thinking, they all died -> another insert replaced them in the same space but different timeline just as it happens to us. How many people have died and been rebooted in this makeshift reality? It's hard to know as we are all recycled in different roles all the time generally without being aware.

Do the passengers now have a mission to help others? Of course they do because that's the nature of our algorithm in this bipolar emotional reality.

Is there an estimated time of departure for the characters on the show? In this reality that goes to NBC (Peacock) and the ratings. "Time" will tell.

How about us ... you and I ... patiently waiting for that which we came for ... the close of reality in this hologram as we sleep quietly in our simulation chambers. Visualize.

If we understood the algorithm in which we experience we could calculate our expiration date. With inserts changing, and history nothing more than mythological stories/inserts, we have no idea when and how it began and ends. All we can do is trust our intuition and a knowing that the experience we are currently having - which we may or may not have rebooted over and over again as memory fails us - is why we projected into this illusion. Fade to Black. Computer End Program.


Full Moon-Super Moon 0° Virgo

6:10 a.m. over Brooklyn. 610 is a Fibonacci Number