Labor Day Messages 2015

15 Pictures of Women at Work for Labor Day   National Geographic - September 7, 2015

The U.S. holiday Labor Day - marked on the first Monday of September - was born out of the tumultuous 19th century American Labor movement. Industrialization led to many workers grinding through 12-hour days in unsafe conditions. Strikes and protests were common. At its founding in the 1880s, Labor Day was intended to be a 'working man's holiday.'

On Labor Day many people look at job and career and wonder ... what if ... reflecting on past, present and future. The average person will change jobs and possibly careers several times during their working years. Burnout will come and go and yet people move forward. Many will take jobs based on the future ... meaning retirement. They mark off the passing years to that end and generally find satisfaction with activities outside of work rather than the dramas within the work situation. We have learned that the best of retirement plans can be worthless depending on the markets and economy in general, but we do the best we can and always move forward with the notion that things will get better - it's called hope. Each September many people change jobs, locations, educational platforms and more as if opening to a new cycle that will guide them forward.

It would seem that many Americans are relaxing from their daily routines this weekend and looking for spiritual purpose. I am getting email from people who are new to our realms asking questions - and thinking about things - you and I did decades ago. They want to understand and be quickly guided as they sense something they cannot define that pushes them on.

Here in the city we're having a heat wave but people are enjoying being out and about. Friday returns us to 9/11. I plan to visit One World Trade Center in the fall when the tourists are gone and the weather is cooler. My goal is to go to the top and see the world from above. I am always most comfortable looking down on things - it just feels like my natural state of being vs. interacting within. Yesterday my neighbor Joanne told me she could get me a free pass to the museum. I thanked her but have no desire to look at objects from that event.

Most people are those programmed to not miss a beat ... following things from their home screen as well as live in what we call the real world. Let's see what this week brings here at home and on the global front.