Coronal Mass Ejection January 24, 2012

Planet looks back at northern lights   MSNBC - January 25, 2012

CME hit Earth's magnetic field on Jan. 24th at approximately 1500 UT (10 am EST). The impact produced a G1-class geomagnetic storm and bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. As the storm crested, Goran Strand of Ostersund, Sweden, took a panoramic photo and wrapped it 360-degrees to create this composition, which he calls Planet Aurora.


Numeric codes define our existence in a consciousness hologram. The final chapter of my work in this reality began on 11/11/11. The updated file 11:11 explains that the brain is binary code (computer) and reality is created by the fibonacci sequence. Nothing is random. PBS presented Fabric of the Cosmos. In episodes 1 (11/2/11) we saw evidence that reality is a hologram. In episode 2 (11/9/11) it was shown that time an illusion. Some people are programmed to know things, others to figure them out, and others to remain in the dream.

I know.

People know.

Do you know?

Saturday January 21, 2012

I was guided to watch the film Knowing again - numeric codes telepathically given to children by aliens. The codes are about a Coronal Mass Ejection [CME] that destroys everything at the end of the film as Caleb and Abby run to the new Tree of Life. It was reminiscent of Sarah and Alexander when they met at the new tree of life (light) as children.

The aliens were the Whisperers. Caleb and Abby, heard them and "knew".

Some people just know ...

Sunspot 1402 erupted a long-duration M8.7-class flare, followed by a CME, on January 23, 2012 at 03:59 UTC. According to NOAA, the flare's radiation storm was ranked as an S3 (strong level), the strongest since May 2005. The very fast-moving CME arrived Earth on January 24 at approximately 15:00 UTC. Geomagnetic storm reached a G1 level (minor), the same level recorded by the previous M3-class flare.

Flights rerouted as massive solar storm slams Earth   PhysOrg - January 25, 2012
Solar radiation from a massive sun storm -- the largest in nearly a decade -- collided with the Earth's atmosphere, prompting an airline to reroute flights and skywatchers to seek out spectacular light displays.

Solar storm's effects to lash Earth through Wednesday   BBC - January 24, 2012
Our planet is being bombarded by high-energy particles unleashed by the strongest solar storm since 2005, scientists say. The charged particles are mostly a concern for satellites - which they can disrupt - and astronauts.


It's all by the numbers and codes.

Wednesday January 25, 2012, FOX premiered a new series called Touch. It did not disappoint, especially Dany Glover's character. "Touch" reminds me of "Knowing" and the TV series Alphas. Kiefer Sutherland plays Martin Bohm a former journalist whose wife was killed on 9/11. David Mazouz plays his 10 year old son Jake an autistic and mute boy who is obsessed with numbers and can predict future events. He begins with the Fibonacci sequence. Jake gets to narrate each episode and makes some profound statements, reminding me of Allie in Spielberg's miniseries Taken. Allie is a 9 year old alien-human hybrid whose creation by aliens relates to the Fibonacci sequence. She is unique and possesses a Knowing.

In "Alphas", British actor Ryan Cartwright plays Gary Bell a 32 year old autistic man who lives with his mother. Gary is part of a team of Alphas working covertly with the government. He has the ability to view and interact with wireless communication signals out of thin air and process information as fast as any computer. The signals can only be seen by him, which he can move around by 'touch'ing them.


"Knowing" was about aliens and Cage's character learning that there
is design to reality, nothing is random, it's all by numbers or codes.

Tuesday, after updating the file Battle of Los Angeles I 'knew' I was to return to Ezine as something I needed to post would be there. The first story I found was ...

  UFO Lights Spotted Near Los Angeles   Live Science - January 24, 2012
Friday the 13th ended up being a very lucky day for a California man who videoed several UFOs flying near Los Angeles. The video, allegedly shot by a freelance photographer going by the name Nerdumb, shows several bright lights in the sky over Hermosa Beach that disappear as a helicopter crosses below them. It was posted to YouTube and is making the rounds in UFO circles. Many people noted that the lights look very much like planes taking off from Los Angeles International Airport, a few miles north of Hermosa Beach. Could they simply be aircraft? Probably not, because the lights seem to be stationary, and there's no reason commercial airplanes would suddenly switch off their lights in that pattern.

Ancient Aliens and Consciousness Creations

January 2012

Clips from the TV series Ancient Aliens are en'coded' into Crystalinks files listed below. For many people the human-extraterrestrial connection might be bit shocking, but since its inception aliens have been part of our history, guiding human evolution. UFO sightings have increased at significant turning points in human history. Extraterrestrials appear to have introduced technologies to spur development along a specify timeline as humans are being directed to a destiny that is about to be revealed. Wait for it.

It's nice to see theories that I have always understood, being explained in detail with excellent graphics, integrating them with mythology, history and science, just as I do in Crystalinks. Ancient people could not have created megalithic monuments, flown in 'chariots', created math, science, and astronomy, without intervention from either aliens with advanced technology - or as I believe - the advancements came as a result of inserts placed at different times in the journey of humanity to further its evolution and that of the collective unconsciousness. I don't deny an alien presence based on physical evidence, but I keep coming back to "Don't believe anything you read or see as it is all an illusion." I know many of the researchers, scientists, and authors on the TV series, and agree with their conclusions, but think outside the hologram.

It's all about remembering and 'Knowing" who you are and why you are here. Erich Von Daniken connects alien creators with a real god. I call it the collective unconscious, hologram, grids, matrix, program, etc. Concepts of gods are beyond what you should accept today as your personal truth. It is all just part of the illusion, so don't take it seriously. Jesus, aliens, ascended masters, etc. are all part of extraterrestrial myths to activate your genetic codes through which you process at this level of awareness. Visions of Mother Mary, etc. are projected illusion, but for some awaken soul memories lost in this aspect of the illusion. To see the rituals people partake in around the world, in the name of their god, is primitive and defeats the understanding of reality as a holographic experience set in time.

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