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Time Travel

Our Program Has Ended ... Latency Period

You may remember me mentioning that I keep getting the message - "Our program (reality) has already ended." I have been unable to make sense of it as part of our consciousness is still experiencing here. The other day, while talking to Ron, I made the comparison to a supernova that happened in the distant past, now coming into view.

If our program is nothing more than projected illusion, after the projector is turned off there is a latency period (time delay) during which light is still being projected and perceived. That is where we are at this point. This is the light one is guided to when they have a Near Death Experience.

Projected illusion brings to mind Part 1 of the PBS series Fabric of the Cosmos "What is Space?" which I blogged about last November when it first aired. At that time I posted the images below describing how reality is projected illusion from a 2D image - coming out of a black whole which gets protected onto a 3D screen - appearing real in physical space and time. As synchronicity would have it - Saturday while looking for the PBS link to the video - I discovered they aired "What is Space?" on the day Ron and I had our conversation. In conclusion, zero point happens for us consciously when the latency time expires - the light goes out - and all FADES TO BLACK.

The horizon point where the 2D images become 3D

Exit into the black... Exist in the black

The Forces of Creation are Spiraling us Back into the Eye.

The Pupil is the student in the experiment and the Eye "I".

Reality is about the teachers and the students.

Reality is perceived illusion.

Blackbirds and Sun Speak ...

This week the sun experienced a huge solar burst. With an increase in CMEs I always think about the movie Knowing starring Nicolas Cage, a professor of astrophysics at MIT and his discussion with his class about Free Will or Predetermination. His sun Caleb has special gifts and destiny.

As I blogged that sentence ... 6 blackbirds flew by headed northwest. This could link to program closure or the Fade to Black experience for me. It also could mean I would hear about a death ... and now that I think about it, I received this email from a client today who read with me during the illness (cancer) of her beloved father over the past 6 months. "Hi Ellie, I wanted to thank you for the readings you did for me. My father passed away at home two weeks ago. He is greatly missed. Your insight helped me prepare for his passing. He passed extremely peacefully without pain medication. He just went to sleep."

Symbolically blackbirds mean -- Higher Intelligence, Thought (Thoth), Mystery, Magic, Secrets, The Unknown, Pure Potential, and Non-obvious Perception. The number 6 refers to our reality.

Back to the Sun ... Thunderbolts offers this interesting story today Alpha and Omega another term that has been echoing in my mind for days.

Reality and "Perception"

Reality ... streaming consciousness viewed through the "eye" or lens of time - the black whole (pupil) in the center of the galaxy through which all spirals out then returns at zero point.

Monday TNT premiered a new series called Perception starring Eric McCormack as Dr. Daniel Pierce, a neuroscientist and university professor who is enlisted by the FBI to assist on some of their most complex cases. Dr. Pierce's interest in neuroscience stems from his own schizophrenia.

I love programs where the main characters go beyond fundamental the boundaries of human consciousness. Here are two examples:

These characters - and that's all we are in the hologram we perceive as real - are intellectually evolved leaving them socially challenged with mild to severe social anxiety and disorders.

The sum of all things for me is ... I am drawn to TV programs and people with extra abilities - those that expand the consciousness beyond human limitations.

This is tied into the continued fracturing of the consciousness grids that comprise what we think of as our reality, which leads to an increase in the number of autistic and aspergers children born since 2000. This further takes us to alien intervention in our biogenetic experiment - dictated by the program itself.

About aliens - Ancient Rome had Jupiter ... who was Zeus ... who was Thoth ... who was Quetzalcoatl ... and what to we have ... we are still trying to name the aliens who guide our destiny .. yet they are not real or would make themselves know to us publicly. What people experience - such as the Marion Apparitions - are projected illusion and telepathic messages controlled by the collective unconsciousness.

Let's return to "Perception". It was like the universe had once again sent a wake-up signal to the souls in its hologram as the episode opened with Dr. Pierce addressing his class by saying, in a most compelling way, "What is reality?"

From one or more of my former blogs:

Back to "Perception".

After a student made an attempt to answer his question, Dr. Pierce explained that the neural chemical impulses fired by the brain when dreaming, hallucinating, or awake are indistinguishable. It's all an illusion.



Visual Learners

While reading a client who was concerned about her 6 year old's reading skills - I did what I always do - I aligned my grid with his and took a look at the way his brain works. Lo and behold the boy is a visual learner - those who learn things best through seeing what needs to be learned - especially with animation. Even adults have preferences to learning through reading or visual stimulation. When we take this one step further - we get to visualization and meditation where learning moves to a higher frequency of thought and comprehension. Our universe is a university in which the brain is a complex computer creating learning experiences which we assimilate and process throughout our lives here.

Reading falls into two categories - word recognition and comprehension - the latter of which is more important.

How we learn:


A lucky child/adult has a photographic memory. We are seeing more children born with near-to-perfect photographic memories helping them function in the computer age. The Autism and Aspergers Spectrums are expanding. Your brain's programming for learning may be outdated in the high-tech world.


There are many interesting new tools out there to help the visual learner.

  iPad app shows promise in strengthening the reading skills of young children   PhysOrg - July 12, 2012
An experimental iPad application is showing promise as being a valuable tool for teachers in building on the reading skills of young children. The application, SeeWord Reading, is a digital, interactive tool that uses visual communication principles to provide graphic cues so that young learners can link sounds to letters in the alphabet.


On a side note for the metaphysical reader ...

Don't go to the outdated metaphysical philosophy about the "Indigo Child" - a label created for children who are challenged and whose parents have rationalized that they are here for special purpose to heal, help, or save the planet - not true. Forget woo-woo theories. No one can save the planet. Look around. The grids are collapsing. Nothing works. This summer alone has showed us that weather patterns are destroying much of what we need to sustain life here, a pattern that is accelerating exponentially. The people who tell me they can survive on their organic farms had better look again at weather patterns and what they are doing to the agricultural industry.

In conclusion ... what I love most about the minds of today's children is that many of them are programmed to get that it's all an illusion and we exist in a matrix of experiences. It's all about getting the message and understanding the codes.

Waiting for the Wow! Signal

Getting there ...

I live in Brooklyn where getting from place to place is often a matter of public transportation - people not needing a car. I often consider other areas of the planet where driving is a necessity to get work, school, medical care, shopping, etc. FYI - public transportation may be cheap but is not often easy - people complaining about many issues related to service.

Other observations: Some people are afraid to drive, other are substance abuse users, some drive without a license or insurance, and then this ... which links with the article below - people who can't afford to own a vehicle - especially if they are among the thousands unemployed since the recession began. So here's the Catch 22 -- how do they find work without a car and should they get a job - how do they get to work until they can afford a car again? Solutions often include - a bicycle, motorcycle, someone driving them to and from work, or as a last resort, walking to work which is often not possible.

Sometimes clients who live here in NYC and just making a living - having no car and little savings - tell me they want to move away from the city, the first thing I ask about is driving. How will they afford to buy and maintain a car? Some have never considered that and are just seeking a peaceful place away from it all. They pause and reflect on a car - then say their decision to move will have to be delayed until they can get a car - another option being someone they know is giving them a car or selling them one very cheap. That begs the question - how long does an old car last?

As a driver since age 18, I have always wondered what life would be like without a car, and couldn't imagine it. I've had different makes, models, and colors, dictated by my needs at the time. To me a car not only represents a mode of transportation, but a place to be alone to listen to music or a CD, to ponder life and telepathically talk to spirit, to call someone if it's safe, and many other things drivers take for granted that make life more tolerable down here.

To me a car is like a home way from home - often a home office for the business person - everything set up for their needs and getting easier with new technology. One's car reflects their state of mind - clean and clear or messy and cluttered. The only thing I carry in my car is an umbrella and a sweat shirt jacket. Take a look at your car when you next go there and do a psychological profile of what you carry around.

Unemployment Problem Includes Public Transportation That Separates Poor From Jobs   Huffington Post - July 11, 2012
In the two months since he lost his job driving a delivery truck for a door company, Lebron Stinson has absorbed a bitter geography lesson about this riverfront city: The jobs are in one place, he is in another, and the bus does not bridge the divide. Stinson lives downtown, where many of the factories that once employed willing hands have been converted into chic eateries. The majority of jobs are out in the suburbs, in the strip malls, office parks and chain restaurants that stretch eastward. Most of this sprawl lies beyond reach of the public bus system, and Stinson cannot afford a car.

At the end of the day ... we've got to learn to teleport ... my favorite missed skill.

It Happened in Virginia

The state of Virginia has seen some strange happenings over the past year. The 5.8 earthquake on August 23, 2011 centered in Mineral, VA, was followed by severe aftershocks. The quake was felt across more than a dozen U.S. states and in several Canadian provinces.

Next we have the intense heat wave which caused major power outages in VA. this month ... and in the latest news Fredericksburg, Virginia was hit by a microburst on July 8, 2012.

Rise and Fall of a Government

Virginia is close to Wash. DC and makes one wonder if there is some greater message about the decline of our government. Maybe it's because I spent so much time in the ancient Rome files but it all ended with the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. This is what I wrote upon completion of the Rome files ....

As all is an illusion - virtual or augmented reality - myths set in linear time for experience - maybe the events in Rome happened and maybe they didn't. As we cannot conceptualize the way the hologram works - what we see as the architectural evidence in what appears to be an ancient or lost civilization - may never have occurred at all - just inserts in the hologram that give it greater definition and the need to quest for humanity's ancient roots - which as you know always lead back to alleged gods or aliens or beings of light or whatever you name it.

Predictable Endings

July 9, 2012

I watched Oprah on Entertainment Tonight talking about the mistakes she made with her OWN Network. The truth is obvious that it would fail - and the fact that people do not want to hear more about the dark sides of life - healing and issues - seems to be fading from the grids. That part of the human equation has to dissipate now.

As I blogged last week about social networking and Facebook - all things have their moments then move on - only now its going faster as all is accelerating. We all love Oprah and many of us have played in Facebook - messages received ... next ...

Speaking of next ... Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ... religion may be the main issues but I never saw this marriage lasting. He's too old, too short, too controlling and who knows what else. The karma ... their daughter. What's next? Don't be surprised if there isn't another man in her life. Her numbers are 12/18/2012 - which reduces to 8 or money and career. 2013 would be her 9 or year of closure which starts for her in the fall. Her future - should we remain here a while more - would involve freedom and new beginnings. Good luck Katie and others born on that date.

The closure of this reality is the final predictable ending.

Risk Taking

What Makes People Take Big Risks   Live Science - July 10, 2012
Ever wonder why some people are willing to risk it all to start a new career, climb a mountain or jet off to some foreign destination for a great adventure while others are afraid to do anything out of the ordinary? The answer may lie in how many surprise endings they've faced in the past. According to new research, people who've experienced surprising outcomes in various situations - whether those outcomes were good or bad - are less likely to take risks in the future. In other words, it's not whether you win or lose, but whether the outcome is expected. People appear to decrease their risk-taking levels after experiencing any surprising outcome - even positive ones.

A 17 year old girl in NJ was afraid she would be electrocuted during a lightning storm and so she took a risk jumping 35 feet into the sand and coming away with no injuries. At 17 you think you are infallible. Can you remember being 17?