Fireworks and Soul Connections

Brooklyn Bridge - July 4, 2014

The Adventures of Samantha Stone

In 2006 I wrote a short story about the Statue of Liberty,
9/11, Time Travel, Romance, and more.

Alien Connections to July 4th

July 4, 2005
"Taken" Miniseries, Films: Independence Day, Stargate

July 4, 2004
Masonic Program, "National Treasure", "Fahrenheit 9/11"

July 4, 2003
Roswell UFO Museum

Roswell UFO Incident

The Journey

Monday July 7, 2014

The Roswell UFO Incident occurred on or around July 4, 1947. Each year in Roswell, New Mexico they feature a festival. This year Kim in Roswell, wrote, "It is quite a carnival atmosphere this time of year! Always a mix of the scientific with the ridiculous!!"

As humans we have always sought our origins knowing we come from something beyond the Earth and perhaps beyond the sky. The Roswell Incident is an insert in the hologram that takes us to Ancient Alien Theory and our own alien experiences and sightings. We know about conspiracies and coverups ... yet sense the truth will soon reveal itself.

Many of us feel a connection to something far greater than who we are here. Perhaps we are aliens here on a mission or in another reality. It's the visionary part of us that goes beyond physical parameters and guides our journey home.

Speaking of "ships" and aliens, Sunday Z guided my friend Anna and I to the 65th Street Pier in Brooklyn. Believe it or not I found a parking spot just across the street where it is impossible to park on Sunday, then we walked to the far end of the pier and saw the 127 foot ship pictured above.

A female member of the crew told me she teaches children who visit the ship - about the environment and marine biology.

The five-member crew live and work on the ship. Their jobs inspired Anna to say she would like to quit her corporate job and work on a ship ... the teacher in me connected. I've been grounded here in the Earth experiment way too long. I want my powers back and my full understanding of the hologram reinstated. I know I'm here to teach but even teachers need to be students and continue to learn and grow.

Anna and I spent two hours on the ship with the crew and other people guided there on this beautiful day. Though the weather was hot (around 90°) - there was no humidity and slightly gusty winds kept everything cool. Ships and small boats passed by as the Statue of Liberty watched nearby.

All ships pass under or "over" the Verrazano Bridge.

Trying a selfie

Anna and One World Trade Center

We asked for aliens and got the Jersey boys.