Thursday March 11, 2021

A year ago, we realized everything was about to change. We rushed to the store to get cleaning supplies and canned goods. Our bosses told us to stay home. Millions of students across the country started remote learning. For a while, toilet paper was a hot commodity. And so much more. This week was the anniversary of the World Health OrganizationŐs declaring a global pandemic, but also of something deeper: It has been a year since we had to unexpectedly and dramatically alter the way we live. Most of those changes are still part of our daily routines. In the early days of the pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that Ňthings will get worse before they get better.Ó Far worse, it turned out. At least 533,904 Americans have died from the coronavirus; the global death toll stands at 2.6 million. One in three Americans is grieving the loss of someone who died of Covid-19. Many of the virusŐs victims were vulnerable, while others had been entering new chapters in their lives. The pandemic is not over, and the U.S. death rate remains at nearly 1,500 people every day. The scarring is likely to linger for years to come.

Ellie Taking the Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine

Wednesday March 9, 2021 - Z guided me to a local Walgreens because there was something important they had just posted he wanted me to see - meaning he set it up. We all have questions about the three most common vaccines to date - Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson and Johnson - as to effectiveness, side effects, long term effects, on Covid and its increasing variants, so soon after development. Those questions still remain as known variables for at least two more years. I had decided that if anything I would take the Johnson and Johnson as a single-shot vaccine - people reporting the second shot of the other vaccines often had side effects. If J&J was wrong for me - Z never would have brought.

Thursday March 11, 2021 - Exactly one year into the pandemic

By 7:30a.m. I was 8th on a growing line of seniors and teachers braving the
morning cold which turned into a sunny warm day with temperatures around 70°.

The time went by so quickly before I knew it they were
handing out the forms and the line started to move.

You get the shot along with a card saying you took it, then wait 15 minutes before leaving

Friday update

Last night I fell asleep at 8pm and slept till 5am. My normal time is 9am-6pm then realized the clocks move forward on Sunday and my body was adapting. My arm was slightly sore but after taking an Aleve felt perfect. I went back to Walgreen's today to tell everybody what a great job they had done. My friend Mike told me they ran out of the 500 vaccines they were given by 7:00 so they had to stop.

On a final note about my J & J Covid shot yesterday - bear in mind that at 78 - I have no medical conditions - including autoimmune diseases, arthritis, etc - and am not taking any medications. I sleep 9 hours a night and have little to no stress (a biggie). As I don't drink or drug or smoke - my system is clean.

My hair is my natural color, my teeth are my own, and I haven't shrunk. There is definitely something different in my DNA programing that I still think goes back to my alien experience in 1954 or I get rebooted in the simulation every night. (I know some of you are not programmed to get Simulation Theory yet.)

When Covid started exactly one year ago Z told me I had a natural immunity though I never tested for it wanting to avoid areas where sick people congregate. I am blood type A+ which they say is most likely to get Covid. I am quite sure I've run across people who were asymptomatic over the past year but I never got sick.

I've kept my children and grandchildren safe and you how teens party.

Feel great today. Would I recommend J and J over the others? Definitely. I never considered the others as many of you know.

That's my Covid story.

Friday April 2, 2021

Many questions remain unanswered about Covid vaccines. When I took the Johnson and Johnson Covid vaccine on 3/11/21 people asked how I felt in terms of protection from the virus. For me there is no difference in terms of feeling safer. The main reasons I took it are ... it was a single shot, my immune system is high, Z said I'm naturally immune, the vaccine was unexpectedly given at my local Walgreens for one day, and if I need to be out in the world in the future I would need a vaccine. Luckily my lifestyle keeps me busy at home - never bored - best view ever. With everything else the Covid vaccine comes with dramas of availability and distribution. There are cases of people who have been vaccinated who got Covid. Mutant variants are out there so always be vigilant.