Hillary Makes History Under The Glass Ceiling

Wednesday June 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton is splashed across every wire service claiming her place in history as America's first female presumptive presidential nominee while rival Bernie Sanders refuses to drop his bid despite overwhelming odds. History will remember his valiant effort to become president as we see where his supporters turn. Interviewed on the news yesterday, many said they do not plan to vote. I feel the same.

Last night at her Brooklyn headquarters, Hillary said, "It may be hard to see tonight, but we are all standing under a glass ceiling right now. But don't worry, we're not smashing this one." Issues of gender will dominate the general election for at least two reasons. This is the first time a woman has led a ticket in a presidential general election, and the two candidates already have been jousting over women and their roles. But there's so much more ...

"The Glass Ceiling" metaphor can be taken many ways depending on how you are programmed. First off I saw a swat team crashing through a glass ceiling as armed men lower themselves into a room. (Too many TV shows and movies). Then ... in my understanding of reality ... my brain showed me the image of a glass ceiling and "The Watchers" monitoring things based on the algorithm of this timeline.

The Glass Ceiling and the Watchers

The Glass Ceiling and Merging Consciousness

I can't get passionate about either New York presidential candidate ... you probably feel the same. Onward we go with two of the most hated candidates in history continuing their endless rhetoric over the next four months during which Hillary will show us all things wrong with Trump and he in turn will show us why Hillary shouldn't be president.

As they destroy each other, they take away the little hope many have at fixing things. (The hologram can't be fixed. It needs to complete its agenda and end.) There should be a rule as to how many times candidates can repeat their attacks on each other using the same themes. Trump behaves like a young child who does not know how to filter his comments and behavior. They act impulsively in the moment without regret. Do we really want the country run by someone with a childish emotional base? Do we have other options? We're screwed ... or is that the point in the spirals of consciousness?