Held Hostage

Humans are held hostage in many ways
economics, relationships, religious beliefs, politics, and mostly their emotions.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

6 a.m. ... I woke up early ... pulled up the shade on a bright sunny morning then laid down again to relax and watch the ships as they slowly sail into New York Harbor or out to sea. It's a great way to start the day.

It was too early to return to my next port of call - my computer - so I decided to watch one of the five shows I recorded Monday night. As I looked at the list on my cable box, I immediately chose Hawaii Five-0 - an episode called "To Take Captive". After missing for 10 years, 17-year-old Amanda Morris is found dead, shot in the back, in a shallow grave. The investigation of her body reveals a disturbing fact: traces of a 6-year-old girl who was recently reported kidnapped.

Once again team Five-0 to the rescue as I wondered if our souls are being held captive in physical reality and when we would be set free. There is something about women being rescued that always touches my heart. It makes me wonder what I would do if captured, which is unlikely in this lifetime. Maybe it's an emotional throwback to the WWII Nazi timeline when I was a male physicist trying to escape with secret documents about time travel. I was captured and later killed in an explosion, the documents hidden in a canister somewhere on the east coast of the US.

7 a.m. ... It was time to get out of bed, do some stretches and watch the morning news before another busy day. As art imitates life ... and sometimes the other way around ... the first headline was about three women held hostage in Cleveland for over a decade who finally escaped their three male captors - one of them named Amanda. 2013 Cleveland, Ohio, missing trio   Wikipedia

One has to wonder why these women, and others held captive, didn't escape or weren't rescued by police who were warned by neighbors. Fear would be the answer and rules the program. More about their years in captivity will be revealed in the days ahead. Can you imagine what is going through the minds of other parents whose daughters are missing.

If you understand the nature of reality - this was all part of their programmed experiences. It also speaks to the concepts of "free will" and "god" - one who would allow things like this to happen. As we know, people are challenged and abusive which causes the dramas we play out. From there we go to healing and recovery.

As a psychic who works with law enforcement, I wasn't involved with this missing person case. The first article below mentions Sylvia Brown who I met in 2010. I disagreed with almost everything she said though we didn't discuss this case. She believes the economy will recover in time, the natural disasters will stop, and the end of the hologram occurs in 100 years, among other things.

How Psychics Play the Odds and Still Lose   Discovery - May 9, 2013
In the aftermath of the recent rescue of three abducted girls held captive in a Cleveland home for years, one strange twist was revealed: The mother of one of the abducted girls, Amanda Berry, had asked prominent psychic Sylvia Browne whether her missing daughter was alive or not. Browne's response: "She's not alive." Of course Berry was indeed alive, and itŐs not the first time that Browne had told the families of missing children that their loved ones were dead when they were not.

'We should never give up hope': 5 other missing-child stories with happy endings   MSNBC - May 7, 2013
Hundreds of thousands of children are reported missing each year according to The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - although that figure includes vast numbers of kids who briefly run away, are abandoned or are taken by relatives. The center says a far smaller number, about 115 a year, are victims of stereotypical kidnapping, meaning they are abducted by a stranger or an acquaintance, taken far from home and held with the intent to keep them for good.

This all unfolded in the energies of ...

May 9, 2013 - New Moon Solar Eclipse 19° Taurus

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