GOP Debate - Earthquake in Chile

Saturday September 19, 2015

Wednesday featured two major events. First there was a powerful 8.3 earthquake that struck on thrust faults along the boundary of the South American and Nazca (as in Nazca Lines and ancient aliens) plates. Chilean scientists have publicly stated that they await the big one which will ripple along the coast and set off an unstoppable chain reaction causing not only tsunamis but volcanic eruptions. Chile has about 500 volcanoes considered active.

The second Republican primary debate took center stage ... its energies and repercussions lingering on ... from what was debated to the man seated behind moderator Jake Tapper. The mystery man is Gregory Caruso, 24, a movie director who is the son of wealthy real-estate magnate and GOP megadonor Rick Caruso. He caught my attention as he smiled each time the camera was on Tapper knowing he was in the frame thought not aware that young women were texting about him until later in the debate. I was trying to place him as if an actor whose name I had forgotten. It's interesting how humans shift focus and what they are riveted to.

Politics and natural disasters are part of the process that allows us to update directions and goals within the hologram.

The debate featured 11 candidates - that number triggering 11 codes. Many topics were covered - some in an informed way - others not so much. Carly Florina was worth paying attention to, but I really don't like here. Donald Trump messed up big time when he talked about autism and vaccinations. He was wrong and needs to do his homework. John Kasich, current governor of Ohio, was very impressive when he was allowed to talk - too many candidates - too long a debate.

Though candidates reflected on the Reagan years - that was another reality. Things don't work that way anymore.

"Hope" is both a built-in positive and negative aligning with free will another distraction to truth in the illusion of time and reality (space). Wherever you place your trust and beliefs ... in the end the truth will out - which I believe has always been my role in all of this.

I wonder if any of the candidates knows - or would one day discuss - the true power behind global decision making. We know most governments were initially set up to fail at some point - to either evolve or fade away.

As we look at everything happening today - we are reaching an unstoppable conclusion - and though many want a happy ending to our experience in this part of the hologram - we must define what that means.

If you believe this reality is going to continue on ... what does that mean for you?

The debate took place as Mercury went Retrograde - repetitions and delays. There will be more debates and increasingly powerful earthquakes.

September 22: Yom Kippur

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September 27-October 4, 2015: Sukkot

September 27: Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

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