The Fight For Freedom

July 4-14, 2016

It started Monday July 4th as each day saw it's share of confrontations in the quest for freedom. Suppressed people, especially those who are mentally unstable, are rising up against injustice to humanity. This is not just a phase but has become a global experience as humanity is programmed to awaken to the nature of creation and where it is all going. We evolved from chaos and so we are retuning as this holographic experiment/experience in linear time and emotions comes to an end.

America is not only in the throes of another revolution but income respects another Civil War. So much pain, suffering, and collateral damage. Raw racial tensions, live-streamed killings, strained trust between the police and communities they serve, and a presidential race that has scorched deep divides, have the nation on edge and wondering if a leader will emerge from the chaos.

Monday July 4, 2016

Time Travel with the Founding Fathers

American Independence Day

We had another great Macy's fireworks extravaganza this year ... ending just before heavy rain descended on the city. I hope you enjoyed your holiday.

The city remained on high alert with on ongoing global terrorist attacks and inspired attacks - highlighted recently in Orlando, Dallas, France, Turkey, Bangladesh, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, to name a few. Sunday in Central Park an 18 year old boy was severely injured in an explosion. Members of the NYPD bomb squad investigated the cause of the explosion - not calling it terrorism at this time/point. Time is a merely point in a larger algorithmic equation.

I spent Sunday in New Jersey with family and friends ... high alert on bridges and tolls in both directions. I read my daughter Zsia's friend Laurie about business opportunities in today's world as she want to change her job. I also read my grandson Michael, 18, off to Boston College in September. Michael is a business major ... the future of finance and the economy drastically changing during the four years he's in college if the hologram is still running. Besides Michael's personal and professional future we discussed current events and what he needs to know as a freshman with a game changing presidential election two months after he starts college. He is old enough to vote but is not registered in Mass.

Is anybody feeling patriotic?

Do our two presidential candidates make you wonder
about all things America is supposed to represent?

In the energy of the New Moon 12° Cancer ...

It's time to have some fun and hit the linear equation.


With the stroke of a pen ...

Z zapping Ellie to the 18th Century Grid

The Founding Fathers look up at Ellie ... shocked by her entrance and 21st century garb.

Ellie explains her "appearance" in ever sense of the word but the guys seem leery.

"What type of witchcraft is this"? John asks.

Ellie tries to explain ...

"You're Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Hancock, correct?

And you can't quite figure out how you can get the Constitution to make sense?

Not to worry ... I'm here from the 21st Century and we still can't figure it out.

If I may suggest ... You could do this much faster if you had a computer ..."

Ben the scientist, who likes a challenge, looks up electrified, "Explain yourself woman!"

Ellie gives it her best shot as one of the men grabs his musket.

Ellie reasons ... What should I say?

Ah yes ... flattery always works. She continues,

"It's been quite the bumpy ride since 1776.

Your efforts were much appreciated as history remembers you with respect."

The guys are not convinced ... but when Ellie produces a pic of a UFO
One of the Founding Fathers admits to having seen something like it
after which he explored the phenomenon of electricity.

The others turn to him with alarm asking if she had put a spell on him?

So Ellie suggests ...

"Come with me on a journey into the future to see how it all turned out."

They refuse to leave without George who has had Visions and Prophecies.

Ellie agrees knowing he would get a charge out of
his namesake city and national monument.

Off they go ...

There were oohs and aahs ... laughter and sadness
with comments about what their messages were really about
not at all evolving into their vision for the new world.

"It's funny how history distorts truth,"
Ben said as the trip came to a crashing end.

Tuesday July 6, 2016

How easily we lie and distort truth.

The US presidential election comes down to two of the most disliked candidates to ever run for office - Hillary Clinton (a criminal) and Donald Trump (emotionally unstable). Here is the latest update about Hillary. As was predicted she was not indicted - at least not in a court of law but now by public opinion/social media (more powerful).

I keep remembering the secret meeting Hillary had in 2008 with Obama after which she suspended her candidacy and he went on to become president. Promises, Plans, and Schemes have ruled American history/politics going back to our Founding Fathers - all by Masonic Design. This whole Hillary/FBI scenario is an insult to our intelligence. The Trump fiasco may have been contrived to get Hillary elected.

Senior Moments: Both our reality and the current candidates are seniors. In June 2015, when Trump announced he was running for President, I saw him running against Hillary in the general election and thought he would win. Bear in mind he is 70 and she will be 70 ... Senior Moments.... Remember when she fell, had a concussion and conveniently took 6 months off in 2014? Benghazi timeline...

The Republican National Convention is July 18-21 in Cleveland. The DNC is July 25-28 in Philadelphia. The cracked Liberty Bell is symbolic of our broken system - just ask Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Fathers. In any and all scenarios and realities none of it makes sense.

Wednesday July 6, 2016

Immigrants make a difference. We are all immigrants. We all make a difference.

How are we all immigrants? Our souls are not from here.

Eid al-Fitr - or Eid (Ed) - marks the end of Ramadan.

Ellie making new Muslim friends as Trump divides the country on immigration issues.

I left the party early to meet an immigrant named ...

Alexander Hamilton in the award winning Broadway musical Hamilton - Center Orchestra Row B. Monday July 4th I traveled through time with Founding Fathers George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Hancock. The Founding Fathers set things in motion and look where it has all lead ... another American Revolution. The ultimate goal is Freedom but sadly our experience in linear time does not allow for it until our hologram/simulation/illusion ends.

Lunch with my daughters, Nikki and Zsia, at the Perfect Pint West
on W. 45 Street and Broadway ... before seeing Hamilton.
I wore my ruffle front blouse to match Alexander Hamilton.

Outside the Theater

Inside the Theater Before the Show


Great show and performances by everyone. It's not hard to see why they won 11 Tony Awards. Truly one of a kind and worth the wait. After the show there were crowds at the stage door outside waiting for autographs and more. Lin-Manuel Miranda ... whose final performance is Saturday night ... may return at a future time. I'm sure he will. There were other featured performers who rocked the house. Applause and standing ovations for all. So what are the messages besides honoring Alexander Hamilton? People play ... politics and other games of power and ego ... that often get them in trouble. The themes from the past are no different than this timeline just a different cast of characters and tech to spruce things up.

  Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda's Final Hamilton Curtain Cal   Slate - July 10, 2016
Saturday night's performance of Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York marked the final time creator Lin-Manuel Miranda appeared in the title role. Leslie Odom Jr. (Aaron Burr) and Phillipa Soo (Eliza Hamilton) are also leaving the cast. Their last curtain call together was live-streamed on the musical's Facebook page, showing a wildly cheering crowd as they took their bows. According to Variety, the audience included celebrities as varied as John Kerry, Spike Lee, and Jane Fonda. Miranda didn't speak, but did take a solo bow (to the theme from The West Wing) before the cast left the stage. Shortly afterward, he tweeted "See you on the marquee." After the show Miranda cut off his long hair.

Thursday July 7, 2016

Our souls are not from here.

69 years ago ... 7.7.47 or 7.4.47

Crash landing in Roswell NM changes everything

Freedom and Reality by Design

Tired souls and the need to be Free in any reality ...

Friday July 8, 2016

2016 Shooting of Dallas Police Officers

Everyone I met today is talking about racial and political tensions. No one sees a way out.

Ellie Map Dowsing

I returned to dowsing today after someone requested an image for Crystalinks' Dowsing file. As nothing happens by accident, the pendulum brought me an unexpected message. The fight for Freedom in end times was reflected by the pendulum creating huge fast moving circles. This is what happened ...

Placing the pendulum over the U.S. - Clockwise Circles

Placing the pendulum over the Middle East and Africa - Counterclockwise Circles

The message: "Reality is spiraling out of control".

Saturday July 9 - Sunday July 10, 2016

What to do on a Saturday night - in the heat of the summer - when anger rules and people want change ... Hundreds arrested in protests over shootings by police

Remember my blogs from the 1990's ... Are we headed into martial law?

We have just lived through one of those tumultuous weeks that will stand out in recent US history. Headlines in the news tell the story of a nation divided and often at war with itself. The shooting of two African-American men and the subsequent attack on police in Dallas sparked protests in cities across the country this weekend most of them peaceful but there were some intense confrontations. All of this has exposed racial divisions in the US coming at a time of growing political polarization overall. America is becoming more tribal - separated by region, culture, income and race. All of this amid a campaign season featuring two candidates who themselves are divisive and uniquely unsuited to heal the country's wounds ... for in truth no one can. Images on the news are deeply embedded into the consciousness of those experiencing in this timeline ... echoing through all aspects of the hologram.

Bastille Day 2016 and the Roles We Play

July 14, 1789

Bastille Day
The end of the Monarchy and the beginning of the First Republic

History of France

I have clearly seen myself being part of this experience - in different roles - as my Ellie Crystal consciousness merges into that part of the consciousness grids to experience the fight for freedom. I tend to observe turning points in history - whether the character I align my grid with to experience through - is male or female - famous or not - rich or poor - human or other - lives or dies. All the while I never lose sight of my identity here as an experiencer in a consciousness grid experience where history is once again about to happen. Enjoy the day if you are celebrating.

July 14, 2016

The history of France and the US have always been linked through the movement of the Masonic Program - Middle East to Europe to the Americas. Last week I saw the Broadway musical Hamilton starring Lin-Manuel Miranda. One of the featured players - who along with King George of England - were my two favorite characters - is Thomas Jefferson who is mentioned as having French connections.

As the story and screenplay goes .... When thousands of Parisians stormed Bastille prison on this day in 1789, an event celebrated as the start of the decade-long French Revolution, Thomas Jefferson, was there. Jefferson was appointed U.S. minister to France in 1785. In early 1789, he was a daily spectator of the States General, an assembly of nobles, clergy and citizens called by King Louis XVI to address an economic crisis. France's military and financial support for the American colonies had further sunk its own economy, bringing its government to the precipice. A food shortage and high taxes drove a mob to the Bastille, a medieval fortress, on July 14. "They took all the arms, discharged the prisoners, carried off the top two prison officials, cut off their heads, and sent them through the city in triumph to the Palais Royal," he wrote in letters sent to the U.S. The Marquis de Lafayette consulted Jefferson as he drafted France's "Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen," adopted soon afterward. The similarities between it and America's founding documents are striking.

How the Key to the Bastille Ended Up in George Washington's Possession   Smithsonian - July 14, 2016

President George Washington knew how to curate a blockbuster exhibit - and with just one artifact. Elite visitors who mingled in August 1790 at New York reception, a meet-and-greet of sorts, clustered around an extraordinary sight: a midnight-colored metal key, just over seven inches in height and a little more than three inches wide, a key that once sealed the king's prisoners into the notorious Bastille prison of Paris. Following Washington's party, newspapers across the country ran an exact representation of the key, splayed out in grim silhouette. This new relic of the French Revolution, sent by Washington's longtime friend, the Marquis de Lafayette, soon appeared on display in Philadelphia, hung prominently in the president's state dining room. (The legislation moving the nation's capital from New York to a federal district, situated along the Potomac River, passed in 1790; Philadelphia was the interim capital until 1800.) To the first American president, the Bastille key came to represent a global surge of liberty. He considered the unusual artifact to be a significant token of victory gained by Liberty over Despotism by another.' Along with a sketch of the Bastille by Etienne-Louis-Denis Cathala , the architect who oversaw its final demolition, the key hung in the entryway of Washington's Virginia estate, Mount Vernon. How and why it landed in the president's home makes for a fascinating tale.

July 14, 2016 Attack in Nice Wikipedia

On the evening of July 14, 2016, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a Franco-Tunisian, deliberately drove a cargo truck into crowds celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France, killing at least 84, including two Americans, and injuring many more. He was shot and killed by police. This was the third major terrorist attack in France since January 2015, following the Ile-de-France attacks on 7-9 January 2015 and the subsequent coordinated Paris attacks on 13 November 2015.