Saturday February 14, 2015

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Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day this year? I guess we would all like to share a romantic moment with someone special but this may not be the year. If you can at least look back and remember having romance in your life then that's saying something. More people are telling me about joining online dating services in hopes of having a romantic adventure. There are some cultures where people believe they will meet The One, and others where people just go about their business and never conceive of meeting such a person. Romance can be looked at from a physical and metaphysical perspective. To live life without ever having been in love must be a very sad thing. This year I hope you find someone special to share the moment.

The Ribbon People on Valentine's Day

Matthew, Noah and the Valentine's Day Dogs

Happy Valentine's Day from my family to yours.

Photo taken Wednesday Feb. 11, 2015 by music producer and performer William Silva after his reading

50 Shades of Reds, Blacks, and Crystals

William is into all things spiritual and thought a picture of me under the "pyramid" would be cool.

Once again I chose the same colors as my client before he got here - red and black.

We talked about "Fifty Shades of Grey" and agreed - not the kind of sex lives we embrace with our partners.

Humans are a strange race ...

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey (Film) Premiered Friday February 13, 2015 in the US -- Fifty Shades of Grey (Trilogy)

Do people really get off on this stuff? Call me old fashioned - but this is not my definition of romance, love,
and sexuality especially just before Valentine's Day. As they say - different strokes for different folks.
These people can definitely benefit from Psychic Therapy

It's all about power ...

Powerful People Inspire Themselves

I have always been one to inspire myself and have often been called a powerful women. After becoming a psychic and teacher I find myself talking a lot. Would you believe I was originally a shy child? It all changed in my teens and has grown from there. All people should inspire themselves - part of that coming from clarity of thinking - from trusting one's intuition - and great DNA programming. It becomes easier with age, experience, understanding the patterns of reality, and success. It doesn't hurt to have a great spirit guide and psychic abilities (that's where great genetics comes in). Being accepted and recognized also helps one feel empowered especially if they believe in what they are doing. Read more ....