Ellie Coping with the Coronavirus Pandemic

Wednesday March 18, 2020

I put on my old jeans, old sneakers, and of course my white latex gloves which have become my fashion statement for spring. It was the first time I had been out in a week - needing to not only get myself - but my car out and running. I am taking preventative action and following the rules because I 'see' how bad things have yet to become.

As a few essentials were running low I ventured out to my favorite supermarket, Foodtown, at 7:30. They had little of the few items I needed so I drove to a small supermarket nearby and found the rest. Last stop ... here I am at Walgreens getting toothpaste and a few other toiletries as the contagion grows.

People I met along the way reminded me that I predicted this and yet my thoughts take me not to coronavirus but something more in the ebola family. Whatever... We all are going to go through a complete change of lifestyle so brace for impact. Surprisingly people who I never talk to about End Times asked related questions. I'm really not here about health issues. I'm here about earthquakes and related.

I don't get sick when I touch items. For me it's all about keeping my 'throat' warm and what I ingest. So on this day I strategized and used the white scarf I keep in the car to cover my mouth when I came in contact with other people. I feel fine but we shall see as the weeks grow into months ...

On an interesting note the smaller stores are all giving individual plastic-use shopping bags again even though the law changed as of March 1. That was a pleasant surprise. I also didn't experience price gouging just the regular prices. Online shopping has practically doubled on many items.

Lots of seniors out shopping today. Nobody seemed cranky or angry or coughing or sneezing or anything that might change the energies of my journey. It was just people of all ages out and about some wearing masks. As I recall there were no children or baby carriages.

On the matter of a police presence - I only passed one patrol car while I was out.. It made me wonder what would happen if we go to martial law and who would enforce it - probably the National Guard.

Gumming up the works ... We have two elevators in my building. For the past few days the one on the right was having problems so it was shut down. Usually the elevator repair people come immediately but not since coronavirus began here. When I got back from my shopping spree there they were finishing up. Apparently somebody had thrown a whole bunch of gummy bears down the elevator shaft and they got sticky. One of the guys removed them and all is well.

I took the elevator up with my neighbor Jonathan who was trying to decide whether he should go for his annual physical exam which is scheduled today. As he's only 30 years old and in good health we concluded that he should put it off for the time being. I'm also considering what to do about a dental cleaning the first week of April.

Stay safe. Ellie reporting from Bay Ridge Brooklyn where they are a lot of people out in cars but very few pedestrians.

Saturday Update:

Here in Brooklyn things have calm down. I went out shopping again to find that many of the missing products are back on the shelves with the exception of toilet paper. Shoppers, and people in general are taking things in stride as we adapt to a new way of doing things which feels temporary.

It all ends with a seismic explosion of earthquakes.

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