Friday March 6, 2015

Dig is a collage of ancient mysteries brought forth into the 21st century to stimulate memory. This show will attract those programmed for something beyond every-day existence in the hologram linked with end-times and wake-up triggers. Myths? Religions? Aliens? Gods? Are they part of our subroutine of the hologram - eventually manifesting to save us or whatever? I don't see it.

"Dig" focuses on actor Jason Isaacs who plays FBI Special Agent Peter Connelly based in Jerusalem after the death of his daughter and breakdown of his marriage (a main character must have major issues). Peter "accidentally" gets caught up in an ancient conspiracy dating back approximately 2000 years (Jesus timeline and insert). Peter joins forces with Israeli police Det. Golan Cohen (Ori Pfeffer) to unravel the murder of Emma Wilson an archaeology student working on a dig under the streets of Jerusalem. She's into energies and vibrations, but he says he's not. Emma takes Peter on a forbidden midnight visit to her site, begins to seduce him in a scared pool, and begs him not to call the police when they spy trespassers performing a ritual sacrifice (the red heifer see below). Emma is from the University of Pennsylvania (known for its artifacts).

Emma is made to look a lot like the alien Leeloo in the
Bruce Willis film The Fifth Element and is almost as weird.

Let's segue to the opening scene ... the birth of a sacred red heifer as told in prophecy and recorded in this Crystalinks file Animals and Prophecies. The file focuses on the birth of white buffalos as harbingers of end times but there is a mention of the red heifer born in Jerusalem. These are one of many predictions all pointing to this timeline as The End. Since I started the file in 1995, several white buffalo have been born - one when I was in South Dakota - as we'll as red heifers here and in Jerusalem. It is all about the building of the Third Temple. Third references 3D or physical reality. Temple referenced the head, brain, reality as a consciousness experiment. (I also blogged that in 1995 but most people weren't read to get it.)

That ritual was perfumed in "Dig" by Orthodox Rabbis. So why was this of interest to me? When I had lunch with Leslie on Tuesday we sat at a front table in the restaurant and I told her that an Orthodox Rabbi will walk by. Much to her surprise ... right on cue ... he did. Call Leslie shocked as this is an Italian neighborhood.

Peter finds a hidden tattered journal in Emma's apartment with clues ... one an image of a stone with Hebrew writing. Emma slipped the real crystal stone into Peter's pocket when they met and is later stolen but a professor (there is always a professor). The stone is supposed to be 1 of 12 (of course it is) which belong to ... another original 1995 Crystalinks file ... Urim and Thummim breastplate of the Gods used for communication.

Another communication-teleportation device - linked to gods and aliens
are the "watches" depicted on reliefs of the Anunnaki
(This I can relate to as if I wore one in another storyline)

Back to "Dig" ... Years ago when I was questing for the fun of it, the storylines presented might have peaked my curiosity more so than they do today. Yet the themes open the doors for many who feel guided to "dig" for the truth and will eventually discover reality is a simulation. "Dig" offers up many ancient mysteries perhaps somewhere along the line linking to the Knights Templar, "The DaVinci Code", and eventually to the Masonic Program (reality) in its final stages. Jason Isaacs is great but I kept expecting Noah Wyle (The Librarian) to manifest.

There was a reference to the Ark of the Covenant and "Raiders of the Lost Ark" as Harrison Ford made news today crashing his remodeled WWII plane on a golf course in Los Angeles.

Episode 1 ... FADE TO BLACK ... 9 episodes remain in the series.