Crystal Reunion on the Full Moon

Monday September 28, 2015

Last night millions of people around the world enjoyed watching the eclipse - some basking in its energies combined with Pope Francis' current visit to the US. Was the Pope's presence a shift linked to Catholicism, Spirituality, or Reunion in a world of lost and wounded souls?

As a full moon brings things full circle, yesterday I was contacted about three long lost first cousins from my Crystal bloodline.

My Crystal grandparents had 11 children - two of whom died very young. My father was the fifth child and the first born in the US originally from Russia.

As the years passed some of my cousins remained on the east coast so we stayed in touch as I grew up, but little by little they moved to California or died and we lost touch mostly due to our busy lives. Today the internet would make it easy to connect, but that was decades ago.

The youngest of the 11 siblings was my aunt Cecelia who died in her 40's and so the connection severed as her son Doug and twins daughters Mindy and Nancy grew up. Today they live in Los Angeles and are very close. They had long wanted to find cousins from their mom's side of the family but didn't connect until one of them joined an ancestor search group called 23andMe.

My cousin Richard and his family - who live in the Bay area of San Francisco - stayed in touch from time to time and always felt connected. When our 98 year old aunt Rose Crystal died September 2001 Richard came to NYC. You may recall the deceased Crystals coming to me in the cemetery - my aunt Rose pointing to the World Trade Center and telling me many people were going to die. A few days later 9/11 happened.

Recently Richard joined 23andMe and connected with Mindy. Yesterday Richard couldn't wait to tell me about our long lost cousins.

After speaking with Richard I called Doug, a retired engineer who had much to share. Today I will speak with Mindy and then Nancy. We are now 5 remaining first cousins who hope to have a reunion one day next year.

It's weird but when Doug emailed this picture with his cat - what came to mind was Schrodinger's Cat a thought experiment - and how much Doug looks like my father.

In the news today

Ancestral background can be determined by fingerprints   Science Daily - September 28, 2015
It is possible to identify an individual's ancestral background based on his or her fingerprint characteristics, new research shows -- a discovery with significant applications for law enforcement and anthropological research.

Friday October 2, 2015

Over the course of the past week I've learned more about my father's side of the family and got to know my new-found first cousins.

Sunday September 27, 2015 (9.9.8)

In the energies of the Full Moon 4° Aries - Total Lunar Eclipse - Red Blood Moon - Supermoon ...

As predicted nothing apocalyptic happened.

The Pope finished his historic journey in America with a massive mass in Philadelphia.

Monday life continued on for all as is programmed or scheduled.

September 27-28, 2015

Full Moon 4° Aries - Total Lunar Eclipse - Red Blood Moon - Supermoon

  Explaining A Supermoon Lunar Eclipse   NASA

  Rare supermoon eclipse comes Sunday   CNN

The moon was at its closest point in its orbit to Earth, making
it appear slightly bigger in the sky than usual called a Supermoon.


This eclipse was special as it followed three other total lunar eclipses in the past 18 months.

Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse and Lightning Storm   NASA - September 29, 2015

What's more rare than a supermoon total lunar eclipse? How about a supermoon total lunar eclipse over a lightning storm. Such an electrifying sequence was captured yesterday from Ibiza, an island in southeastern Spain. After planning the location for beauty, and the timing to capture the entire eclipse sequence, the only thing that had to cooperate for this astrophotographer to capture a memorable eclipse sequence was the weather. What looked to be a bother on the horizon, though, turned out to be a blessing. The composite picture features over 200 digitally combined images from the same location over the course of a night. The full moon is seen setting as it faded to red in Earth's shadow and then returned to normal. The fortuitous lightning is seen reflected in the Mediterranean to the right of the 400-meter tall rocky island of Es Vedra. Although the next total eclipse of a large and bright supermoon will occur in 2033, the next total eclipse of any full moon will occur in January 2018 and be best visible from eastern Asia and Australia.